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Hazama is a youth who dreams of becoming a singer and experiencing life with his best friend Tapai. However, so far he is only working at a motorcycle repair shop and dealing with Tapai's debts with the gangster Black, until one day they are involved in a fight. Hazama's life changes when he meets Abang Samad, a loner. He begins spending more and more time with Abang Samad until the latter falls sick one day, and Hazama is shocked to discover his ailment. Meanwhile, Laila, a reporter, has been changed to the entertainment department when she commits an error during a police operation. Hazama and Laila are brought together when Tapai and Juita asks him to meet with her cousin sister, who turns out to be Laila. With Laila's support, Hazama chases after his dream of singing, and records a song which sees positive reception, but what follows the success is only sadness... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aaron S (au) wrote: i no the snake looks fake but i thought it was good back then lol

Jasmine H (kr) wrote: Very hard to understand. The movie is all over the place.

Reid V (kr) wrote: Proof of God's Goodness

Ben D (de) wrote: terrible movie. that's 1 hour 25 minutes i will never get back

Robert B (ca) wrote: The Perfect Sense feels like it should have been a good movie but winds up not more than mediocre. The lead actress is a terrible fit for the role, her acting felt fake in a few key scenes and in others she seemed more a spoiled princess than an epidemiologist working hard on a cure to save the world. Besides that, the film was alright. The premise was interesting, the shooting was fine, and Ewan MacGregor's performance was believable. I must say, though, if you are going to make a movie about the end of the world and you want it to work, the audience has to have a good amount of sympathy for the characters.

Aishwarya K (mx) wrote: it was watchable , just fine, really boring at parts , it has to be the worst mary-kate and ashley movie i have seen so far . the story is very predictable at parts and very weak not the type that anyone would like to keep watching .

Vern H (fr) wrote: It's ending is pretty uncompromising and blunt, arguably in a realistic, documentarian way, like some of Christopher Guest's other works, but aside from that minor qualm, Waiting For Guffman is a funny while somewhat respectful mocumentary on the world of small town theater with a quirky and humorous subject, great and comical performances all around, trademark oddball and flat out hilarious characters who's flaws are never mocked, but rather just shown from a distance, very witty and subtle satirical humor, and economic, mildy affectionate direction as well

Naoya K (de) wrote: Simple and strong. I wish they'd not talk too much and use music better, but still, as a man, I cannot help but feel sympathy with Duvall character. I love it not being a typical music success (come-back-to-the-scene) story, too.

Jeremy K (de) wrote: I was surprised by how much I really hated this movie, and what a painful experience it was watching it. It's poorly directed so none of the actors look good, badly written and paced since there's no sense of time lapse or tone, and worst of all, there is absolutely no nuance in Faye Dunaway's performance as Joan Crawford. There's no attempt to make us understand this character; I really just despised her from beginning to end. This movie has gotten a cult following as one of those "so bad it's good" movies. Sorry, but I think it's just so bad it's BAD.

Cam D (de) wrote: It's as satisfying as... a mediocre documentary.

John B (fr) wrote: A classic tale that calls into question the whole notion of Christian charity in the light of pure human greed and lust.

Jo Y (nl) wrote: I like all three stars..

Russ B (au) wrote: 12/18/2016: A pretty funny movie. Much better than I was expecting and still funny after watching multiple times.

Anthony M (kr) wrote: The ending was a disappointment beyond disappointments. The writers should have gone back and changed it or at least taken some constructive criticism on that pathetic excuse of a finale. All of that build up to be eventually let down.

Henrysmovieguide C (ag) wrote: I liked this movie when I saw it in theaters as a little kid, and it still seems OK now, even if seeing it again has lost its appeal.