Apache Blood

Apache Blood

After a massacre of an Indian village by the U.S army, a survivor, Yellow shirt (Ray Danton) goes after them for revenge. His journey becomes a deadly adventure. His life will be threatened by the hostility of the desert, snakes, hallucinations and of course his encounter with his enemies…

In the western desert a young brave avenges the deaths of his tribe in a massacre by the US Army. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Apache Blood torrent reviews

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Kat W (kr) wrote: first vegan documentary i ever saw. very good

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Alex C (us) wrote: Much, much less than the sum total of its parts!

Mike N (br) wrote: It's obviously a Whoopi vehicle, but it isn't such a bad one.

Akshay M (fr) wrote: White is very odd black comedy. It focuses on the sensitive issues of marriage. Not as powerful as Blue but still a unique and surprisingly lovely love story. Zbigniew Zamachowski was excellent as karol in his humourus and comical role.

Brendan R (jp) wrote: I want to rate this higher, but after reading through the script for the stage play I felt many of the additions in the movie where unnecessary. It was well done, but I think there is something lost with the camera changing angles and telling us what to focus on when there is so much meant to be going on in this show.

Ahmad S (it) wrote: Charming. It leaves you consistently smiling with frequent laughter.

Melanie D (fr) wrote: Interesting film piece for Pacino voice researchers and historians. Here we have a 39 year old Pacino still with high voice. But by 1983's "Scarface" however, at the ripe young age of 43 no less, his testicles would finally drop, the Adam's apple finally protruded and his voice finally changed to that more familiar "HUAH!" we now know him to have. So this film in many ways was like our last chance farewell to that little boy we all knew and loved, for around the corner he would finally become the man he inevitably would be...at the tender little age of 43 like nature intended. So long, Skippy! We hardly knew ya. Oh, 3.5 stars

Dan P (ca) wrote: Best car chase in movie history

Joe M (es) wrote: Damn funny. A fantastic spoof of rom-coms that plays like a really great long form improv sketch. Absurd, silly, and hilariously funny.

Timothy M (au) wrote: An amusing effort that perhaps doesn't hit all the marks that it wants to. Ahead of its time in terms of spoofing a popular genre (except this is actually funny - something we're robbed of with modern parodies). The cast is great, with Robert Morley and Jennifer Jones being the standouts. I also thought it looked quite nice. Typically eclectic work from Huston, but certainly worthwhile.