A group of children play at being "Apaches" on an English farm, ignoring all safety precautions. One by one they die a variety of gruesome deaths.

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  • Director:John Mackenzie
  • Writer:Neville Smith

A group of children play at being "Apaches" on an English farm, ignoring all safety precautions. One by one they die a variety of gruesome deaths. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert H (fr) wrote: Everything about this movie looked amateurish and cheap, there was hardly a story to speak of, and no half-decent performances. Even Wesley Snipes looked like he was bored most of the time. It was mostly humorless, with few of Snipes' trademark one-liners. The "story" (if one can call it that) concerns a gunman who is out for revenge against a gang who raped and killed his woman. The only catch is that after he kills people they come back as zombies, so he has to kill them again. On the subject of zombies, here they aren't zombies in the traditional sense. They're more like reanimated people that have complete use of their mental and physical faculties, except that their skin starts to deteriorate and they have to kill to get fresh skin to put on. Weird, I know. Nothing in the movie makes sense, and they don't even bother explaining most of it. They don't even explain why Snipes' character (Aman) is cursed until there's 20 minutes left in the movie, almost as an afterthought. There is an attempt to give Aman some back-story, but most of it has no bearing whatsoever on the plot except to explain how and why he is where he is. Not only that, but Snipes doesn't have too much dialogue in the movie at all. Most of his lines early on are simply one-word replies to other characters' questions. Along the way, he picks up a sidekick for no reason at all who he then later shoots and kills. It's explained as a "mercy killing", but honestly why would Aman curse someone to a life where they have to kill people to get fresh skin? He could have just let him die an agonizing death, but then there would be nobody to romance the whore who inexplicably survives to the very end. Moving on (because I'm tired of rehashing the entire story). The visual effects are pretty bad, although there are a couple of good sequences where Snipes' rips some people's heads off. Still looked extremely fake, though. There's also several gun battles, but they end too quickly and are shoddily edited. There's also extensive variation in picture quality, probably because they filmed the movie on a few different cameras. Some shots in particular look really digital and have a sort-of "soap opera" quality to them. Sometimes the shot quality changes from cut to cut within a scene. The score is ok, although too much of it was some cheesy guitar noodling. So, is this worth watching? Only if you're drunk, like bad movies and have nothing better to do. The only reason I watched it was because of Wesley Snipes, who has several "so bad they're good" movies in his filmography. This isn't one of them. Quite frankly, it was boring and almost put me to sleep on a several occasions. Watch at your own peril.

John B (kr) wrote: Captivated? Not really. Didn't sink in with me too well.

Willy B (ca) wrote: Interesting story and setting, not so erotic and exciting as one would imagine reading the reviews... had more potential..

Lesley J (gb) wrote: Not as funny as the "Princess Diaries" but a great movie. Amazing Julie Andrews is in her element, as is Stephen Fry revisiting his role of the head servant.

Alexis N (us) wrote: Not my favorite Pee-Wee, that's for sure. Even though Valeria is a babe, watching Pee-Wee make out with her is creepy. I miss him being my a-sexual friend. The story is a good one, who doesn't want to join the circus?!

John C (gb) wrote: A truly unique film, both of its time and today as well. I know I've never seen a film quite like it. The filmmaking is a bit rough and choppy in spots, but it is the story, characters, and performances win the day.

Michael H (kr) wrote: Well-done war film with an interesting depiction of the bureaucracy in WW2; drawbacks include an unfortunately-named dog and some unfortunately-transparent visual effects.

Dave J (fr) wrote: Monday, February 28, 2011 (1940) Waterloo Bridge DRAMA Well made but very soap operish type of storyline whereas a soldier (Robert Taylor) falls for an one time ballerina (Vivien Leigh) sweeping off her feet! While the Robert Taylor character is fighting on the line, money becomes scarce when the Vivien Leigh character assumes the wosrt with dire consequences! Famous for it's use of it's musical score, this film is unsatisfying since it tends to delve into unrelatable situtations in terms of one to one intimacy! I have no idea how it used to be back then, but this film is the total opposite of "Pretty Woman"! 2 out of 4

Mirel T (es) wrote: Great concept leads to a disappointing twist.

Senor C (us) wrote: I think I needed a bottle of tequila probably chased w/ the mescaline worm to truly appreciate this twisted Mexican take on Santa Claus. Santa tries to deliver Xmas gifts all the while being thwarted by the Devil's apprentice. If this was an exploitation movie (which it should have been because it was directed by Rene Cardona the same man the brought us Night of the Bloody Apes) it would have been a hell of a lot better. Instead it's just a bizarre children's movie & a really bad one @ that. Starts off just painfully because for like the first 10-15 minutes it just has children from around the world who work for Santa singing. Santa can sure jam on that organ though. Sure this filx got a couple of chuckles out of me but they weren't intentional. W/ all the changes to Santa folklore I surprised Jesus didn't show up by the end

Tanti F (gb) wrote: MJF. MJF. MJF.ahahahahhah.....ada Kirsten Dunst kecil jadi cameo di film ini..agak predictable tapi... Paman Joe!!! ckckck

Steve A (gb) wrote: The musical numbers are fantastic. It's too bad the rest is so boring.