A group of beautiful but morally bankrupt teenagers live the fast life in the dark side of beautiful Corsica, but things spiral out of control when one of their number wants to confess their crimes.

A group of beautiful but morally bankrupt teenagers live the fast life in the dark side of beautiful Corsica| but things spiral out of control when one of their
number wants to confess their crimes. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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M L (es) wrote: For me, the biggest issue with this movie is the script. The pacing of this movie caused the stories to feel very uneven and I was invested in some more than the others. It doesn't quite pull at the heartstrings the way it clearly tries to, because you get pulled away way too quickly from one story to another before any message or purpose could be found. Therefore, by the end, the overarching message it tries to convey falls flat, and feels forced. However, as a dog lover, I can't say that I didn't enjoy the cute dogs, the running and the playing. But I would've gotten the same satisfaction from watching dog videos on YouTube. While the director's gorgeous, atmospheric shots were nice to look at, the movie is short on originality and I couldn't help but feel disappointed by what I got because I've seen it done better before.

Jonathan R (it) wrote: Great action film!!!!!!

james r (de) wrote: After the death of his wife and child, an author travels to Barcelona to see his estranged brother and dying father, where he learns that his life is plagued by events that occur on 11/11/11. Look at the poster. Those aren't 11's, that's an x-ray screen of Darren Lynn Bousman giving the viewers the bowfinger, twice, with the help of another person. After seeing this film, that's what I feel I see whenever I look at that damned poster. Pretty much every single line of dialogue written is a generic line that you will have heard hundreds of times before in many other films The characters are pretty much a forgettable bunch. I couldn't even remember the names of the characters, I barely remembered the lead was called Joseph. It doesn't help the characters that everyone's acting came off as amateurish and no better than the acting from your typical MTV shitfest. The attempts to flesh out the characters by expanding their backstories and their history doesn't amount to much other than poorly padding out the film. Darren Lynn Bousman tries to expand on Joseph through the voiceover technique, but it's utterly pointless, as the voiceover tells us nothing new, just rephrases stuff we've already been told. For a horror film, it's pretty bad when every single one of your attempts at being scary miss the mark. The only time I came close to scared is when I nearly jumped at one point, and that was due to a cheap jump scare tactic. One question I have regarding this film: Why set it in Barcelona? There's no good reason for it being set there instead of in America, all it does is lend the way for the awkward moments when Joseph can't understand the Spanish speaking people. And that's just one of the plot holes regarding this film, not to mention the illogical character choices that occur. Joseph Bishara's attempt at the film's score does not work at all, as the score doesn't fit with this horror film, feeling glaringly out of place. The cinematography by Joseph White does not fair much better, as it's pretty dark and muddy ugly, dark and muddy. Religion is the main theme within this film, but it feels less like a theme for the film and more of an idea as to how many anti-religion topics they can stuff into this film. The way Joseph constantly hits out against religion really doesn't do much good, as it makes the film feel more like a poor argument against religion, and less like an actual film. And they really make Joseph bash religion a lot in this film, i've heard less monologues of hatred from atheist groups. The ending should be a climatic scene that pays off everything that has been built up prior to this moment. I would say they dropped the ball with the ending, but that would imply the moments previous to the ending weren't all bad, so I will say that they dropped the ball early on, attempted to pick up all of the shattered pieces, stick them back together with sellotape and then dropped the ball, shattering it yet again. They try and convince the audience that the ending was built up from the very beginning, but it feels very left-field and out of nowhere. Not only that, but a certain plot point was built up in a way that made it feel like we were going to get a huge reveal, but we don't even get to see the supposed big reveal, the audience are left in the dark, leaving this build up to end with nothing more than a damp squib. Now, I have seen plenty of films that are worse than this one, the thing about 11-11-11 is that I didn't find a single redeeming feature within this film. It managed to fail in every single way possible, leaving this reviewer with a waste of 90 minutes spent. And to think, they had the gall to reference the infinitely superior Misery.

Siobhan G (jp) wrote: While the movie description refers to the royal visit prior to the second world war, this movie is more focussed on the relationship between FDR and his mistress Daisy, or how she perceives it. Reminds you that not everything is as it seems.

Gary F (ru) wrote: A surprisingly good movie about a young married Bengali woman living with her rather overbearing and out-of-touch husband and her two English- born daughters in East London. The movies deal with her gentle awakening to the reality of her innermost feelings as she develops attraction against her will for a young British Bengali boy. A touching film that skirts slow moving Satyajit Ray type dialogues and scenario with more than a hint of Bollywood 'Masala' to keep the romantics happy, without falling into un-real situations- no singing in the alps but beautiful shots of India and London accompanied by a gentle soundtrack. Excellent casting and acting Tannishtha Chatterjee (a little too 'drop dead gorgeous' for the role but extremely convincing) and Satish Kaushik. Excellent

Brandon W (jp) wrote: Nothing special and quite average. Predictable, with a little humor here and there. Fits in well with your Hallmark Channel fare, though would be the best thing they ever show if they aired it...

Johnny L (de) wrote: Jun Ji-hyun creeps into the movie scene a bit under the radar. The film is soft and subtle, even for a Korean drama.

John T (fr) wrote: The soul purpose of this was to show some tits... which it did... so this movie was a success, right? I can see the point of it's a rip-off of Porky's. I think the characters were a little more likable in Porky's, though.Some funny stuff and few good jokes. I liked how the librarian yelled at the two girls doing sign language for talking in the library."You jerk off so much I bet if you ever were to make it with a girl you'd call out your own name.""You jerked off in a meat locker? Well, I guess there's no better place..."

Crystal W (ru) wrote: Seen this movie when I was younger seen it many times everytime I see it at the end I always cry no matter how many time's I've seen it.

Matt G (ca) wrote: a good movie with the duke.

Danilo E (nl) wrote: Tan solo basta con mirarla una vez.

Paul D (fr) wrote: Good central message but a tear-jerking melodrama. It's a good sound-stage production in its purest form.

Shawn R (ca) wrote: A good/bad horror movie.

Tayden M (gb) wrote: I expected this movie to be more like "Thank You For Smoking". I have to give this movie credit in the sense that it was a great idea for a movie and had great potential to be a truely memorable one as well. I think the problem was the script and the story were pretty weak. I think the acting was decent but its not like the actors had a whole lot to work with. The movie focus' on one individual and doesn't move much beyond that so it feels kinda boring and sterile. Aside from that though, I think it subtly says whats on most of our minds regarding the state the pharmaceutical & healthcare companies are in these days. Also, the "sex sells" motto that seems to be pushed down the throats of many young business people these days is displayed in this movie. This movie is a little premature but I think they did pretty good with what they were trying to accomplish. Mediocre movie but worth a rental if you have a free one saved up from Blockbuster. :)

Jonathan A (kr) wrote: While this installment may not be as blatantly horrendous or poorly made as The Next Generation was, Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning is absolute trash. Vile, depressing and deplorable in every regard, this is one of the all-time worst movies that I've ever had the misfortune of seeing. If you want to make a good horror film, try making your characters a little relatable. The cast members themselves are likable enough overall, R. Lee Ermey and Matt Bomer in particular give good performances, though the problem lies with the characters. These guys make some of the stupidest decisions I've ever seen on-screen. It's hard to be scared when you can't even relate to the characters, so the only thing the film has left going for it are the gore scenes which are grotesque and upsetting. This movie deserves to be massacred, and it can burn in hell for the rest of eternity too.

Spencer S (br) wrote: White Dog was a film that was both lovingly devote to the relationship between a girl and her dog, and a bitter resignation towards racism in the world. The film is one giant metaphor for racism, portrayed in guise as an unnamed white dog. The dog is discovered by a young actress in the Hollywood Hills (McNichol) who takes him in as her own. Sadly she discovers that he has been trained as an attack dog, and he begins viciously ripping apart people left and right. It isn't until the dog is taken to a trainer that he is revealed to be a "white dog" or a dog trained to attack black people on sight. The dog is retrained by black man Keys, as he tries to drive the hatred out of the animal and reprogram him for the outside world. At first I believed it was a cautionary if not horrific tale of an animal, subjugated to abuse and retrained to be a happy, helpful animal. That in itself made the film heartbreaking, wrenching and bereft of hope, because it was a story about an animal and its fate. The film is also a mixed metaphor about the role of racism, and how to end it within our lives and in individuals wishing to change. The role of the dog is either to suggest that racism itself can never be cured, or the hatred that racism invokes will never die, and that hatred will be turned upon someone else time and again. I don't readily agree to that assumption, but I understood the artful way the director took it upon himself to make this film a statement, one that was criticized at the time for being errantly racist, and finding the black characters to be stereotypical. The film wasn't released in the United States thanks to boycotting and a lack of support from moderate black advocates. Still, it was given a great critical base, and thankfully the Criterion Collection released it on DVD in 2008. The film isn't racist, the characters are not stereotypical or biased individuals, the acting isn't too corny, and I found the ending and the ensuing story to be more about the dog than anything. When that dog reveals itself to be a monstrous creation, I feel just as badly for those who have been attacked and warranted abuse because of its existence than I do for the dog itself, who doesn't know better. When the dog is with McNichol's character that white German Shepherd is sweet and lovable, and it is the abuse that sparks anger, as well as the bile forming fact that it's all to ensure racism lives. A thought provoking and stylized film that lasts in your mind long after you have seen it.