The Unvanquished is the second part of the Bangladesh Apu film series about a boy named Apu who gets a scholarship to study at a College in Calcutta. His mother is alone and torn between wanting him to be successful and not wanting him to leave her alone.

The movie follows Apu who is permitted a formal education over the gentle objections of his mother, who'd wanted him to be priest. Following his father's death, Apu leaves home to study in Calcutta, while his mother must face a life alone. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim M (br) wrote: Overly righteous village cop Singham makes the mistake of letting a Goa villain go. Two hours later, he corrects his mistake. Epic slow-mo, awesome lighting/action and only two musical numbers. Great Bollywood flick.

Bruno V (br) wrote: Good movie , but not a very realistic Train , a giant Train ? Let's see that through the fingers !Seeing this the second time was a better ...realy understand everything now ! Cool Train ....SOMDVD

Drew R (jp) wrote: Beautiful gem. Takes a fool to dislike this! Steve tries his Will Ferrell in Stranger than Fiction & Jim Carrey in Eternal Sunshine shoes on. There are laughs, but it is incredibly endearing and meaningful as well. I can't BELIEVE I love a film with Dane Cook as a costar, but Emily Blunt makes up for that! Add to it an A Fine Frenzy song in the middle of the movie and you have one hell of a good flick about love and family. Carell should do more films like this. He's so awkward adorable. The soundtrack/film score by indie singer / songwriter Sondre Lerch is commendable too.

Isadore H (ca) wrote: Clint Eastwood directs what seems like a well made, but conventional boxing film for the first half, but I suddenly turns into a much deeper film that looks at how people deal with loss and how tragic events can eventually come back to haunt someone

Sheldon B (es) wrote: A definite must see! ... I only say that because I'm in it ...

sara s (gb) wrote: buffino!!tanto!!...ma pesissima la fine...

BRANDY (ag) wrote: my all time fav love the music

Alex V (es) wrote: Charming. Shocking to find Gwyneth isn't insufferable here. One of my first forays into British culture.

jay n (gb) wrote: Foreign lensed western is arch and dull with a silly script. James Mason is the only real redeeming feature but his part is small and he can certainly be seen to better advantage elsewhere than in this clunker.

John G (ru) wrote: Many layers to this horror-realism flick. I think people will still be talking about this film for years to come. For example, one of the things that got me recalling this film years after seeing it is how this film touches on the possible repercussions of the growing social and economic disparity in our society right now, not just between traditionally disparate groups, but now among generations. I mean, the kids in the cult seem to be middle class for the most part.

Alan L (ca) wrote: awesome movie with lots of twisting plots. very realistic and concrete. I love the movie.

Jamie C (br) wrote: Abit of a guilty pleasure, Some funny moments, A great spoof film, Does go abit over the top and silly but what spoof film doesn't.

Bert D (de) wrote: Great movie love all the action.Just like Mad Max 1 and 2.And the new Mad Max.Who knows maybe a few hundred years from now it might happen to the world.Seen the movie many times a year. When i get bored of most movies i watch it again and again.Love that type of movies need more of it.There is a story to it that i dont think a lot of people see it.Great actors to the movie also. Fits the parts very well.

Peter F (ru) wrote: Often considered one of the greatest works of Australian cinema, and rightfully so. This paranoia-drenched drama about an overnight-stay gone haywire paints the outback in a stark hellish color, making it the ideal backdrop for a descent into madness. Gary Bond gives a most progressive performance here, channeling his character's turn towards depravity, but doing it with a sense of restraint to let you know he's privy to his own degeneration. Perhaps of even more merit is the Ted Kotcheff's style, which is both kinetic and straight in all the right places, and the interactions he mines out of his characters is reminiscent of what Mike Leigh would be doing at least two cinematic generations later. It may be a far-cry from beautiful (unlike say, Nicholas Roeg's Walabout), but later Aussie dramas all seem to borrow from this one.