Apna Haath Jagannath

Apna Haath Jagannath

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1960
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
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Apna Haath Jagannath torrent reviews

Mike R (jp) wrote: A film that didn't need to be made and you can see it on everyone's face except Paul Greengrass - who at this point, should be trying to make a non-Greengrass film. But in the end, it's still a cool Bourne movie.

Christopher B (au) wrote: Has good actors but not well written or executed. Just average.

Henk H (gb) wrote: Just loved it. Comic-like action. Philip Marlowe over the top. Don't take it too serious. Lay back & enjoy!

Tor M (gb) wrote: My third Ceylan film and this follows the trail of my two previous flicks from the guy. This is slow, this is realistic, this is very pretty.He does neat things with the camera, original and clever solutions. Pretty scenery at times and a story that is semi-interesting and pretty realistic. This film is all right but a bit boring. There are not much tensity here or interesting scenes. Pretty scenes lifts it a whole lot, but it's not enough for me this time.A good film, that should have been more gripping. The characters are not likeable in a way, it's like watching relationships that you don't care about. I care about the camera work, though - it's fantastic.7 out of 10 scooters.

Tom V (au) wrote: We can see why this flick was not selected over the other, superior version; still it's pretty interesting to see what different creative minds do with the same script and settings!

Caitlin L (au) wrote: A disappointing movie. Was hoping for more.

Abhishek H (ag) wrote: Lovely Songs....Hrithik was gud..decent movie..Saif looks cliched....

Daniel R (it) wrote: A very good movie though I thought that it could have been better. The story focused to much on the coach and not enough on the team. Overall, the movie was entertaining and a solid b-ball flick. Worth a watch.

Jaime R (kr) wrote: In terms of independent films, nothing else comes out like "Stranger than Paradise."

Onie S (ca) wrote: It was a good movie, just don't take it too seriously. Love looking at all those old computers. Look, floppy disks!

Deusdedit D (fr) wrote: si algo tiene el filme, es una muy bonita fotografa, adems de que Fassbinder aprovecha muy bien las locaciones de famosos westerns para hacernos entender la soledad y tristeza de todos los personajes. Es un filme donde la cmara se mueve poco, donde los actores dramatizan tanto y otras veces quedan callados...y me parece el adecuado filme para acercarse a Fassbinder. No fu mucho de mi agrado, pero me permiti conocer a este interesante director.

Eber N (mx) wrote: It is an injustice that the study and its sponsors not to let Burton directed the third part of Batman, gave the work of producer without continuing with their vision and left direction in the hands of a clumsy son of a bitch Joel Schumacher, all in this garbage is disgusting: the script is idiot, Gotham went from being a retro-futuristic become a brothel metropolis, Robin is very old, Val Kilmer made the Dark Knight a tacky being and bisexual had no idea that is the character, sexually obsessed with Batman psychiatrist does not look anything or mythology of the caped crusader and Jim Carrey and Tommy Lee Jones go of painful villains-drag queens. The only thing salvageable are here songs of U2 and Seal the rest is disgusting.

Ted W (kr) wrote: Good to watch action packed Christmas movie annually every Christmas starring Bruce Willis and the late late Alan Rickman. Yes this movie has a ton of flaws but you know what else has many flaws, home alone. That's one movie I was comparing this film too. And while watching they have a lot in common just pretend that Kevin is an adult and has a gun instead of a blow torch and a spider. The action in this movie is off the chain, it's good for this films release and is sadly dated. The story is so generic if this movie came out in 2017 this movie would fail. But how people use this story like when family guy made their own die hard with Peter instead of John McClain. I like how tv shows use this same idea and make it into their own thing. That's what makes this movie iconic and that one line when John says hippekya mother bleep.

Vince N (au) wrote: Barriers, Barriers, what Barriers? If there's such thing as a "break through," this portrays it. The rev the coaching staff and a cute gal, can't faze a united squad?!

Allison F (ru) wrote: I don't understand the hype. It was okay, but overall mostly boring and forgettable.

Daisy M (jp) wrote: I was not familiar with Ken Loach's movies,till my friend recommended me Ae fond kiss, and all I want was to see more Ken Loach's movies.I believe he has a way to make you get emotionally involved in the plots and with the characters so you could understand the social situation they were living in. The movie took a journey from a double deck bus driver in Glasgow played by Robert Carlyle, to the civil war in Nicaragua where he joined Carla to look for her former lover, who the Contras had brutalized during an ambush. Loach did a masterful job capturing the environment of many scenes, showing the view of what changes may occur in humans if given the opportunity to escape poverty.Very tragic and heavy movie, felt like a documentary.