An ex-boxer Baldev Choudhary (Dharmendra) has had a stain in his boxing career. He wanted to wash it with his son Angad's (Sunny Deol) success, but times were hard and a financial crunch kept him from achieving this dream. Though Angad pulled through fine, Baldev never forgot who ruined his chance to wash the stain. An opportunity strikes Baldev in the form of a T.V. Show. He trains a local boy to get into this media hyped boxing show, but is ditched for a better coach at the last minute. Baldev's younger son Karan (Bobby Deol) has just launched his first music album. Realizing his father is in crises of his life, he gives up his dream of a musical career to get into the game of boxing.

A disgraced ex-boxer attempts to make his two sons champion boxers in order to clear his name. One son agrees with this goal, but the other does not, causing family conflicts. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Neil J (nl) wrote: Let's face it if you've come this far with the series you know what you're getting... Comical black humour slasher monster movie. More hatchets than last time too.Oh and the star of Gremlins!

Jordon J (ca) wrote: Terrible film thank the lord it was a free Netflix watch. I say SKIP IT!!!

Adinda A (ru) wrote: Singkatnya film ini mengisahkan kisah cinta segitiga di tengah peperangan. Mengetengahkan akting Charlize Theron, Stuart Townsend dan si seksi Penelope Cruz ditambah dengan bumbu erotisme film ini memang menjanjikan. Paruh awal film ini kita akan diperkenalkan dengan karakter-karakter utamanya sebelum perang berlangsung. Kita akan menemukan karakter yang diperankan Theron sebagai anak orang kaya dan liar yang jatuh cinta pada tokoh yang diperankan Townsend, seorang mahasiswa pandai yang berdedikasi untuk berbuat sesuatu dalam hidupnya. Percintaan mereka dibumbui oleh hadirnya orang ketiga, yaitu Cruz sebagai kekasih bisexual Theron dan mereka bertiga pun hidup rukun satu atap. Menarik bukan? Tapi sangat sayang, film yang berjalan lambat ini terjebak dengan cerita opera sabun yang klise. Begitu peperangan dimunculkan, sama sekali tidak ada greget yang muncul dari atmosfir perang tadi, melainkan hanya adu argument yang monoton. Untungnya film ini diakhiri dengan ending yang lumayan, jika tidak anda akan dibuat kecewa karenanya.

Seth H (nl) wrote: Perfectly scripted genius.

I dont know w (it) wrote: I'm confused by the plot, so I'll just say the movie's pointless and move on.

Kurt M (ru) wrote: Not even Geena Davis can save this mediocre attempt at a pirate movie. Could've been worse--it could've starred Kristy McNichol.

Dan B (ca) wrote: This has got to be the goriest film I've ever seen and that's what makes it awesome. It's all real effects with fake bodies and great makeup rather than CGI today. It's a bit cheesy but that makes it fun. It'll be funny to see Peter Jackson do another film like this today.

Richard L (es) wrote: This movie is disturbing. It's storyline barely holds together. The acting is really bad but the picture quality and special effects are surprisingly good. It's unintentionally surreal.

Petros T (mx) wrote: Why is this avant-garde "masterpiece" so embraced by everyone? Why is it considered to be a milestone of cinema since it is a mere experiment that takes itself really seriously and achieves only to bore? For this is a static, tiring film that perceives action sequences (I mean scenes where people do things) as fillers. The dialogues are so pompous that you don't have the mental strength to analyze them in order to find a piece of truth. I watched this hoping it'd give me something. It didn't.

Benjamin L (kr) wrote: Incredible, inspiring story of faith and hope. A must see!

Raji K (jp) wrote: Paul Thomas Anderson directs a movie about unique occurrences that happen in life that cannot be viewed as mere coincidences. The story covers various characters including a woman-seducer (Tom Cruise), a troubled drug addict (Melora Waters), a shy cop (John C. Reilly) and a former kid prodigy (William H. Macy). The camera quickly pans between each of these characters telling all of their stories in peace-meal while minimally explaining how the other characters are related to each other. The film is filled with subliminal text, and hidden messages that include multiple references to Exodus 8:2, Magnolias pictures appearing in every location and musical interlude consistencies with characters. The movie is a masterpiece, and done in a similar vein to how Nashville was directed in the 70s. The movie is quite original, but the performance and direction of the film make it for quite a compelling watch.

Leonardo M (nl) wrote: bah... nada que ver con lo q me imaginaba...

Andy T (fr) wrote: Disturbing, terrifying, often funny, and all-in-all brilliant, Trainspotting builds on Ewan MacGregor's spectacular performance and one of the best screenplays to come out of British cinema to create an absorbing and clever film about life and addiction.