Dimitris, a 23 yr. old swimming champion, meets Elsa, a yound environmental activist. Their relation, and her sudden dissaperance, make him re-evaluate his settled life.

Dimitri, a 23 year-old swimmer, dives into the water of a dark pool after achieving success in the European Championships. As his body floats in the water, memories from the past come ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nyree A (es) wrote: What a great little story told with a beautiful backdrop, some great humor and a lot of heart. Loved it!

Quique S (de) wrote: Knowing es de las mejores pelculas de Sci-fi Thriller que eh visto. La historia se maneja tan bien que cada situacin sorprende y deja sin palabras al espectador, preguntndose que sigue? Knowing es emocionante, impactante, inteligente y muy entretenida.

parker l (mx) wrote: I did not purposely buy this movie.

Gene A (it) wrote: fantastic horror comedy

cody f (ru) wrote: Oscar winning film about a actor who sells his soul to advance as a actor and a citizen in the Nazi Germany.Klaus Maria Brandauer is great as a down and out actor who changes his beliefs to advance as Germany's greatest actor.The movie is a take on Faust and as the film continues Klaus goes from the devil to Faust himself. I loved the idea and it is executed perfectly. The only problem is the film has a sudden ending that really doesn't have much resolve. The movie is over 2 hours and they could trim about 20 minutes and add more of a ending.

Adele B (mx) wrote: Don't like these old monster movies.

Adam S (ru) wrote: Economical Anthony Mann RKO noir; textbook bad guy from Raymond Burr chasing Wrong Man Steve Brodie and sweet wife Audrey Long. Shadowy, tense, suspenseful.

Patric C (it) wrote: Hardly worth any special attention. It has a pretty basic plot and some of the acting from minor characters was atrocious (i.e., the jewellery store owner). But I enjoyed it to an extent. Plus, Bela Lugosi.

Ben H (br) wrote: Unbelievably bad. Almost seems like a satire of the genre.