Apni Boli Apna Des

Punjab-based Satkar Kaur initially resents fellow-collegian Sahibdeep Singh, believing that he won a number of competitions by resorting to unfair means, but eventually falls in love with ...

. . Punjab-based Satkar Kaur initially resents fellow-collegian Sahibdeep Singh, believing that he won a number of competitions by resorting to unfair means, but eventually falls in love with

Apni Boli Apna Des is a movies torrent of Sarabjit Cheema (story), Ravinder Peepat (screenplay), Vijay Tandon (dialogue). The released year of this movie is 2009. There are many actors in this movie torrents, for example Raj Babbar, Sarabjit Cheema, Shweta Tiwari, Rana Jung Bahadur, Arun Bali, Gopi Bhalla, Osmiro Collona, Sunita Dhir, Kanu Gill, Guddu, Gurpreet Guggi, Sudesh Lehri, Preet Madhaan, Shavinder Mahal, Tess O'Reilly. Movie' genres are Musical. Many people rated for this movie, Rate is 6.9 in www.imdb.com. This is really a good movie to watch. Share this movies torrent to support us . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Users reviews

Andrew M (us)

I would somewhat suggest this movie. The plot of the movie was okay. This is one of Owen Wilson's worst movies yet. The trailer to this movie made me want to see the actual movie because I thought it was going to be good, but it was not. I will say that this movie had its funny moments, but it didn't seem like this movie was that good. You, Me and Dupree is somewhat funny

Arsala P (jp)

)Anyway, if we don't count the beginning(which was awesome), it was an 'ok' movie. (It had the same kind of cringe-worthy dance moves as 'Princess and the Popstar' had. And the dance, oh the stupid, cringe-worthy dance! :D Lol. It was more like a candyland than anything. well, stupid. . . The 'magical world' was less magical and more. until she actually stepped through that magical door. . . The beginning was so amazing and relatable! It was all so magical, I thought it was gonna be an awesome movie UNTIL

Audrey T (it)

i'd like to do thgs more +vely. if u rely all ursef in else thgs other than ursef, a hobby or a cult religious group, ur nt hving ur own direction n its ec to get lost n the faith quest. the quest for faith is long in a life but i'd like to hv a direction. the cinematography was great, but i dun reli like the story so i wldnt like the film vy much. i was thking it wld b nice to see chinese ppl struggling in the sino-japanese relations in the war time n also in his own faith n career aspirations. n i saw it at the bc sunday last week. i wanted to see this film at the film fest but i mized it

Brian B (mx)

It's unforgettable, violent, sad, and moving. This is a great war film and it will be remembered throughout the ages. Sure, some of their choices of actors are a bit questionable like putting Charlie Sheen in an emotional role but I didn't seem to mind it that much because they played the roles with such great emotion and power that it didn't seem to bother me. When it's played, it really helps us get immersed in the scenes due to the notes and beats in it. I really like the film's score. The movie both looks and sounds amazing. The violent battles show the soldiers getting transformed into killing machines after many frightening experiences and close calls they have. This movie has a lot of heavy material and is sometimes hard to watch at times. It has a lot of power because of this and it gives it an emotional aspect. It shows war on different levels including men from the same side turning on each other. It's about the true experiences Oliver Stone had in the Vietnam war. Platoon is often cited as one of the most realistic war films ever made

Eric C (es)

Thoroughly enjoyable with little to no actual substance

John R (kr)

I can't imagine anyone actually liking this except Kid Rock and Dog the Bounty Hunter. made by douche bag for douche bags about douche bags

Justin T (br)

his is before De Palma started to put out stinkers (or maybe towards the beginning of when, anyway). A well told story with great cinematography. Quite stylish and actually surprisingly good

Kean C K (jp)

Blue-ray Disc. B- (83%) movie

Kevin L (ag)

couldn't recommend it to anyone, but any movie that has the line, "You're the s**t-stain on the panties of life!" has to have some redeeming qualities, doesn't it?. It's so bad, that it almost comes full circle and becomes good

Robbie V (nl)

A pretty decent intriguing thriller if occasionally implausible