Apocalypse Joe

Apocalypse Joe

Travelling actor and gunman Joe Clifford inherits a gold mine from his uncle. Returning to claim the mine, he finds town boss Berg, his uncle's murderer, controls it instead. Clifford sets ...

Travelling actor and gunman Joe Clifford inherits a gold mine from his uncle. Returning to claim the mine, he finds town boss Berg, his uncle's murderer, controls it instead. Clifford sets ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Logan M (de) wrote: The good-natured humor and lesson behind "Shallow Hal" saves it from almost stretching its premise too thin.

Emily I (nl) wrote: Holy crap, you have to watch this movie around the same time you see What the Bleep. Something is happening...

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Will D (kr) wrote: Clearly this film is utterly inept with terrible performances.... or is it? And are they? I kept changing my mind about it throughout. I can see why everyone hates Julian Sands' performance, but I actually rather liked what he was trying to do. The story itself wasn't actually a bad idea either. What really let the film down for me was the screenplay, which was littered with pointless diversions and atrocious dialogue.

Derek J (it) wrote: story doesn't feel contrived or directionless. you wanna be one of them and great shaky cam use. performers embody their roles while friendship is ultimately tested. it's intense. and oh yeah, korean women are still the most beautiful. (;

Thomas P (us) wrote: It's a chaotic and relatively fun film, although the characters and not particularly edifying and the dialogue loses its way with boring scenes. It's a pretty narcissistic world, selling itself as cool and stylish. And so despite itself, it's a tragedy.

Matt H (fr) wrote: A strange morality tale about...doctors treating patients well??? The film tries to take some big moral stance on something that seems unneeded. I guess it's a stance of science vs. superstition, but it's mostly handled so heavy-handed that it really weights down the movie. Cary Grant is fine, he's actually rather convincing as a doctor. The "love story" is very weak, never felt that they had anything romantic going on until the discovery that she was pregnant. Definitely lesser Cary Grant (and Joseph L. Mankiewicz).

Les E (fr) wrote: A vast life long story with many separate episodes packed into one film. All the parts were glanced at too briefly and it just didn't work. I liked Rains as the hard hearted Father of the lead but no-one else.

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