Apocalypse Z

Apocalypse Z

A team of soldiers who are assembled to help end a zombie outbreak in a Romanian town.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2013
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:two word title,   zombie,  

A team of soldiers who are assembled to help end a zombie outbreak in a Romanian town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Apocalypse Z torrent reviews

Ryan S (es) wrote: Funny. Not subtle, but funny.

James C (ag) wrote: This film was butchered in editing, and Besson should move away from the whole kid assassin thing.

Gabriel K (au) wrote: An effective thriller that requires quite a bit of patience of its audience. It really dragged on for quite some time, but finally picked up pace towards the end which was surprising as well as satisfying and made watching it a worthwhile experience. Marisa Tomei was great as always.

Samantha S (es) wrote: looks like something from the $2 bin

Alec B (de) wrote: The first "Hellraiser" was so self contained that all it's sequels seem progressively more pointless as they've soldiered on past the point of sense. They fact that this one, generally regarded as the "best" sequel, is just a grotesque parade of laughable dialogue and uninspired visuals has kept me from pursuing this series any further than this point.

Ryan H (nl) wrote: Bizarrely entertaining. Who thought mixing and matching like this can actually be interesting?

Brent L (au) wrote: A staple of my childhood

Stefanie M (it) wrote: Absolutely atrocious. This movie made zero sense, it was boring and doesn't even hold a candle to the first one.

Scott C (us) wrote: Charlton Heston was an idiot of a man in real life, but man did he land some of the best film epics. This is one of them.

Grant S (ag) wrote: Paris, 1900. Gigi (Leslie Caron) is a young woman living with her mother. Gaston is a wealthy womaniser who has grown tired of the romantic intrigues, and everything else, of Paris. Gigi is sent to her Great Aunt Alicia to learn etiquette and the ways of a courtesan. Gaston is an old friend of Gigi's family and they have known each other for a while. Gigi and Gaston are just friends but over time their relationship develops into something more.It was with some trepidation that I watched this. I generally dislike musicals, though there are many exceptions. On the upside I really enjoyed Leslie Caron in Lili and hoped that this movie would capture that same charm that made Lili so good.Sadly, no, not really. For all the sweetness and innocence of Leslie Caron as Gigi, this movie is quite dull and unengaging. It's not even due to it being a musical - the plot is bland and uninteresting. I really don't care about the pretentious, snooty ways of French high society and Machiavellian romantic machinations. The fact that many of the machinations seem to be about old men chasing around very young women/girls, and reveling in this, makes the movie a touch creepy too.The music is of the usual intrusive variety, i.e. song suddenly appears in the middle of dialogue and doesn't really fit in very well, and is largely forgettable. Somehow this movie won the 1959 Best Picture Oscar. How this beat Cat On A Hot Tin Roof and The Defiant Ones, I do not know.

Robbie N (au) wrote: Funny and entertaining enough, but I can understand the criticism. It is obviously made for people with a more crude and random sense of humour, and I would have to admit to probably being one of those people. Yes, there is no denying it's conventional script, and pretty pedestrian storyline, but I was consistently laughing throughout, especially at the likes of Justin Timberlake. There is a certain amusing vibe to it, and with it's entertaining premise and consistent laughs, I can easily forgive most of it's flaws. Another thing that a lot of other comedy movies seem to do is they add in forced sentimentality, which feels fake and does not fit the film in any way. Luckily, Bad Teacher leaves corny tenderness out of this, and instead focuses on the film's bemusing yet entertaining plot and a parade of crude and absurd scenarios. Cameron Diaz shows off her broad performance skills in a role you know she enjoyed doing, all added into a film that isn't without flaws, but adds enough raunchy humour and crude dialogue to engage and amuse.

Anna H (de) wrote: Excellent movie to bring the problem of child trafficking in the sex trade business into the limelight so it can be stopped. SAD movie; highly recommended for those who like movies based on real life problems.

Brendan S (ru) wrote: One of the best sports movies of all-time

Panayiotis P (ag) wrote: Nothing to write home about movie. It's a teenage movie, pleasant and romantic and can offer a good way to pass time. Nothing special about it, not shabby entertainment never the less.