Concentrating on the terror of enslaving and mind control, rather than the blood and guts," Apocalyptic" telss the story of a local news crew become horribly involved with a doomsday cult. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Adam R (jp) wrote: Pete's Dragon may very well be the best Disney movie out of everything made after Walt himself passed away. This is an incredibly sweet movie with a stellar cast and an outstanding soundtrack. Joel Hirschhorn and Al Kasha were robbed of an Oscar and definitely deserve more credit for these songs. Jim Dale also really cracks me up as the scheming Dr. Terminus. And I found the Maine setting to be really quaint. But what I love best of all is the beautiful friendship between Pete and Elliott. Don't let the critics keep you away, because this is one of Disney's finest films. (First viewing - In my early twenties)

Fong K (de) wrote: A thigh-splapping laugh-out-loud outrageous action comedy that turns the superhero genre on its head with so much sadomasochistic boisterousness.

Michael W (ru) wrote: One word review: wahuuuuuuut?!?

Ellen G (kr) wrote: Likte den litt men ogs litt usikker. Tror den hadde blitt bedre utan all action som kom etterhvert.

Joe S (kr) wrote: This doucmentry makes star wars fans really cool and interesting the force is strong with me !!!

Marilena G (fr) wrote: Not funny, moderately romantic and quite boring.

bill s (us) wrote: Indies can be alot like fishing .....many cast with nothing to show for it hoping for the big one,Goodbye Solo is that big one.A pull no punches emotional powerhouse of a movie.Best movie of 08.

Eduardo B (jp) wrote: A surprisingly delightful film from Israel. Quite poetic and magical as it follows a catering waitress, caregiver, and newlywed through some bad times that lead to moments of humanity. The film is beautifully simple, but powerful in its delivery. There are scenes that will certainly stay with you.

Paul D (es) wrote: Gentle exploration of uncertain and uncomfortable human relationships.

Gregory W (mx) wrote: ok skip this see the original

Andy S (br) wrote: Claaaaaaasic. Amazing movie. Love how it covers the stories of more than one person.

Richard P (ru) wrote: This was off the wall. Great characters and well shot. I am impressed with this one. The land lord is awesome and so is the old lady.

Ben G (us) wrote: Not sure what the director aspired to do in this film really. The story is barely interesting, poorly constructed and well beyond believable (why do the boys decide to risk their lives and limbs in this race makes no sense to me).Frankly, the ethnographic aspect of the film is interesting but I doubt life on the islands was as pleasant as depicted in the flix. So even that does not save the film.

Joel C (nl) wrote: Haha, I'm surprised this is on here. I used to know the words to the upside-down cake poem and would recite them frequently.

Miguel R (gb) wrote: Despite Anthony Hopkins's menacing performance, The Rite is another foolish attempt to recreate the haunting and chilling effect the original Exorcism once did

mix (ru) wrote: I'm jacked.Jacked to the TITS!!!