Apology for Murder

Apology for Murder

Head over heels in love with a stern and cold older businessman's young wife, a love-starved reporter is seduced into conspiring to murder him so she can inherit his estate, while pinning the murder on another businessman.

Reporter Kenny Blake (Hugh Beaumont) falls in love with scheming Toni Kirkland ('Ann Savage') not knowing that she is married to Harvey Kirkland (Russell Hicks), a man years older than she.... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mary S (ca) wrote: Sweet, heartbreaking, urgent, action packed, and funny. Completely underrated by critics and audience!

Paul D (jp) wrote: Ee by gum, the good folk of Yorkshire have been over exaggerated beyond believability here, which would be fine if this was supposed to be a comedy horror, but it's not quite obvious whether it is or not. The pub name in this movie provides a chuckle though. As a low budget situational horror it is passable and clearly influenced by others in this genre.

Charles E (nl) wrote: a parody of march of the penguins which is a great documentary, what saves this movie is the narration of sam jackson

MetalhedMissy S (us) wrote: i viewed this gem on one of filmon's channels the creepy crawly one i thought it was good for a teenie bopper slasher type of film

Justin B (gb) wrote: I have loved and supported both the original and other sequels but I have never been able to get into this one although it has grown on me significantly. Beyond the clever creation of Burt's survivalism there is reallly nothing here of interest.

John B (it) wrote: Hitchcock inspired suspense is fabulous because we know the French can produce great suspence without the Hitchcock inspiration. When the two come together we get With a Friend Like Harry or whatever else they want to call the English version of his film. Nonetheless it is dynamite. Who is this Harry and what is he really about? Will they find out before the dastardly plan comes to pass?

Allan C (mx) wrote: The cutsie title refers to two 15 year olds form opposite sides of the track, Tatum O'Neal and Kristy McNichol, going to camp and then engaging in a bet to see who can be first to lose their virginity. While the premise sounds like your typical 80s sex comedy, this film really was trying to have a heart and treat the situation with real emotions and in a non-exploitative manner. The film is also unique in that most similarly themed sex comedies revolve around teen boys trying to lose their virginity. However, the comedy in the film wasn't all that funny and the I found most all of the characters, both the kids and the adults, irritating. Armand Assante plays one of the camp counselors and Matt Dillion plays one of the hunky campers. The film also features Cynthia Nixon in her film debut, which was interesting because I think I've only ever seen her as an adult actress, as opposed to McNichol and O'Neal who I first knew as child actors. Despite it's faults, it is a watchable and mildly entertaining film.

Eva d (nl) wrote: ...always dare to dream...make the impossible possible!..am glued to it all through out :)

Tom K (de) wrote: Another true classic everyone should see: Lee Marvin shows his true acting chops and this is the last film for Vivian Leigh (Gone With The Wind, A Streetcar Named Desire).

jason s (us) wrote: best sports comedy of all time!