Dr Vijay Nambiar (Suresh Gopi) is a famous neurosurgeon. His wife Dr Nalini Nambiar (Abhirami) is a gynecologist in the same hospital. They lead a contented and busy family life. 'Appothikkiri' plots the intriguing issues that affect their life.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2014
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:musicarello,  

A hospital which is working for money.. Not for lives. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bronwyn V (fr) wrote: What a tragic love story, acting is terrific, story has you glued from the start

Alehee N (ag) wrote: No words. Just brilliant!

K M A (nl) wrote: Horrible movie... :S lame attempt to be funny.

Peter E (ca) wrote: A very subtle, though powerful portrait of a middle-aged man coping with loss and grief. Though it is not directed by Moretti, it certainly does have the look and feel of one of his own films (like the great film, "The Son's Room"). You can most clearly see though that the screenplay is mostly his. I love watching Moretti. He is quiet, dignified, charismatic, intelligent, complex. He reminds me of a young Robert DeNiro in "Godfather II" (yes, when DeNiro wasn't in it for the check). Here, he has lost his wife and struggles to maintain a healthy liefstyle with his little girl. Instead of reporting to his job every day (he works as a film executive), he decides to take his daughter to school each day and wait outside in the park until class is dismissed. He does his work, meets new and interesting people, eats at a nearby cafe, has some run-ins with his sister-in-law (played wonderfully by Valeria Golino -- remember her from "Rain Man"? Glad to see she is getting some choice roles still). He becomes familiar with all the strangers around him and we enjoy sitting on the park bench with him. In addition to a surprising cameo by Roman Polanski, there are some magical little moments throughout. The scene near the very end where the little girl tells Moretti what she most wants for a present just breaks your heart. An uplifting, sweet, intimate, smart film that does not attempt to tie every loose end - rather, it lets the viewer think about it.

Agus B (nl) wrote: esta pelicula es una basura,dreamworks se hizo popular con shrek, esta pelicula no cuenta a mi no me gusto porque ya se era 1998 y dreamworks no tenia mucho dinero para producir una pelicula de animacin 3D, esta bien que sea una pelicula animada oscura pero por lo menos que tenga buena animacin, esta pelicula es muy aburrida,todos dicen que bichos es una copia de esta pelicula porque salieron en el mismo ao y trataban de lo mismo pero bichos inicio primero la produccin entiendan bichos inicio primero la produccion y la direccion y esta pelicula aburrida solo salio primero, bichos es mil veces mejor esta pelicula es basura,basura y mala.

Dayes W (mx) wrote: This is the first French film I ever saw. I watched it while I was going to school in France. The funny thing is I don't remember a think about it other than the title. But I must've enjoyed it because ever since then I have enjoyed watching French films.

John T (nl) wrote: I found this version very very very dull and boring.

Bill B (es) wrote: Gave this one another look via DVD awhile back and it hold up really well, packing the same punches in the jump-scares that first startled me when I saw it in theaters during the original run.Well worth a re-visit.Recommended.

Sanjaya B (jp) wrote: Except the bravery concept of making this movie and having such a wonderful cast, 'Magic Mike' for me is just a decent entertainment movie that quickly be forgotten from your mind after you finished watching it.. Maybe while the strippers show the audiences their performances, we'll be dazzled for awhile but there is no special move that will mark in the audiences minds.. One good thing is Matthew McConaughey's performance who we always underrated before because his movie always stereotypical which is comedy romance.. Overall, it was a decent watch..

Walter M (nl) wrote: On his not quite standing room book signing tour, Hall Baltimore(Val Kilmer) comes across a town that is so small that it does not have a bookstore but does have a giant clock with seven faces. So, while signing books in a hardware store, he encounters an actual fan, Sheriff Bobby LaGrange(Bruce Dern) who shows him the latest body in the morgue. But what Hall is even more interested in is a drink, being drawn to a bar where Edgar Allan Poe(Ben Chaplin) used to hang out.To be honest, "Twixt" does not really work as horror, mystery or personal filmmaking, as Francis Ford Coppola takes a step back artistically in his late period. But that's not to say there is nothing of interest here, as there is just enough eccentricity and weirdness to at least merit a look.

soul r (mx) wrote: a little too much chain of command BS that makes you frustrated