This early example of the "backstage" musical genre tells the story of Kitty Darling, a fading burlesque star who tries to save her convent-educated daughter April from following in Mom's footsteps.

A burlesque star seeks to keep her convent-raised daughter away from her low-down life and abusive lover/stage manager. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aidan S (nl) wrote: Really good great animation for the animated part a 90% by Aidan

Marco P (us) wrote: At first I was shocked to see such a liberal movement behave as if it were condoning the Beer Hall Putsch of Adolf Hitler. These people were on the streets, pushing others around, muscling their way into clinics and pharmaceutical companies in a very aggressive fashion. They were dying of AIDS, at the time an incomprehensible disease that seemed to affect mostly gay men. They wanted to continue living their lives, that's why they were fighting and demanding for a cure.I was turned off, to say the least, by this documentary. It reminded me of why I didn't like interacting with militant gays in the US-- they can be very loud and overly dramatic to the point you can't get a word of reason in anymore. Even the platform back in the day was vague: FIGHT AIDS. What the hell does that even mean? How does one fight AIDS? The only way I see it is by not having sex, and if that can't be achieved, be very careful who you sleep with or just be monogamous. The impression I got from these people was that they knew they were living bohemian lifestyles that were anything but boring, they wanted to fight the disease by finding a cure so they can keep living bohemian.I gave this three stars because the resolution they have in the end is that they realized that throughout the 80s and half of the 90s they were naive enough to think that they can demand cures of people, which instead backfired.

Kathryn K (ag) wrote: I don't know. I still haven't seen the other penguin movies. If I like the others, I'll probably change my mind on this one.

Adriano B (kr) wrote: For a westerner, reminiscent of '80s fantasy classics like Labyrinth or Endless Story, a good grasp of Oni, Kappa, Tengu & Co (or: Uruseyatsura) helps: not as much ecologist as an anti-consummerist fairy tale, trademarked by a Miike's uncomfortable ending, here disavowing the healtiness of adult coming of age...

Uriel G (au) wrote: The redemption of an overexploited and unconvincing genre comes in a comedy.Hilarious and with good performances, "Shaun of the dead" is a film that reinvents the genre, saving it from the abyss.

m w (gb) wrote: it was basically a piece of shit but i liked the giant cockroach.however, it got stupid again almost immediately after that part and i had to turn the channel. i think 2 stars is being pretty generous.

Krista B (mx) wrote: As delicious as it is bizarre, Tomie expresses its own kind of charm in its slow-building, off-the-wall plot and colourful assortment of characters. Definitely a must-see for Asian horror fans, and a recommendation for everyone else.

Blake M (ru) wrote: botto is charming, although filled with angst. the film is preachy, yet I really enjoyed the character interactions.

Giovanni V (nl) wrote: It's bad yeah but its so bad its good. I love this movie. Its entertainingly bad that you can't look away. Like The Room. I give it 3 stars just because it was so entertaining. If you don't like it that's fine.

Mohammed A (mx) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Jermaine P (ru) wrote: So I realize that dolemite supposed to be a legend and all but I couldn't watch this movie after the first 15 minutes because the acting was so horrible I couldn't stop laughing....other than that it was one of the worse movies I've ever seen