Appointment with Danger

Appointment with Danger

Al Goddard (Alan Ladd), a detective who works for the United States Postal Inspection Service, is assigned to arrest two criminals who've allegedly murdered a U.S. postal detective.

When ruthlessly dedicated postal inspector investigates the murder of a co-worker, he finds that the sole witness, a nun, has been targeted by the killers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alessio M (us) wrote: "ci vediamo al prossimo pasticcio allora1!1!!1" selena sar anche wp ma almeno non una faccia di merda come maili e non sputa nel piatto dove ha mangiato per anni brava cucciola mia. poi c' anche beau mirchoff che fa il malvagio quindi daje tutta (cit.)

Richard P (it) wrote: The idea is great, but the execution was mediocre.

James W (de) wrote: Most people know this movie because of it's zero percent rating on this site, and it's not popular with audiences at all and never has been, so as soon as I found out this movie got absolutely butchered I set out to buy it, and to my surprise One Missed Call is a frequently spine tingling and dark mystery chiller, I personally don't define it as a horror. There's always a sense of dread and a few jumpy shocks along the way, and these shocks are emphasised by some truly creepy imagery. I loved the scene when the first phone call comes through, the look on Shannyn Sossamon's and Azura Skye's faces are very convincing full of terror, this is a well constructed scene. One by one the characters are picked off in gruesome ways in a final destination sort of manner but this movie's gore isn't that effective. Although the characters aren't ones you care for, the cast's performance are quite good, but there are some short moments where the acting is a bit off key, a little life needs to be injected but I like the cast and the storyline creeps me out. I think Shannyn Sossamon is a great lead, I'd like to see more of her movies. You'd think because it's based on technology One Missed Call wouldn't be scary but it actually succeeds in giving the mobile phone a creepy vibe, or should I say tone.

Trent M (au) wrote: After two acts of watching the secondary caricatures get killed by the ice blondes, the main character suddenly snaps and becomes a flamethrower-wielding avenger in the badass tradition of Bruce Campbell. If you watch the movie as a comedic take of the Sci-Fi channel movies (with a script possessing more development of characters than normal), it will be more enjoyable. Set in New Brunswick, filmed in Ottawa, with characters spouting Spanish-flavoured dialogue.

Carla S (us) wrote: I'm so glad I'll never have to go through living with a man for 25 years, then having to deal with his sex change!

Private U (kr) wrote: Poignant, hypnotic, and somewhat mind-bending. Possible Worlds is a humanistic look at love and choice through the lens of a existential/sci-fi pretext. Love it.


Elgan D (nl) wrote: Ridiculous comedy horror which is really of the quality to be expected of the title. There are parts which are mildly amusing but it is primarily just badly made.

Kelli M (jp) wrote: Cheesy but awesome. Great laughs and fun for the whole family.

Stephanie K (au) wrote: freaking scary! the acting was good. one of the reasons it was scary.

Aimee N (fr) wrote: This is an aweful unfunny movie! The rating is absolutely bogus! I started watching with my 9 year old son, thinking that a PG rating was ok, but it has lots of nudity and sex and sexual themes and talk! I had to turn it off because was not only inappropriate for my 9 year old, but anyone under 18! DO NOT WATCH THIS WITH ANY CHILDREN!!!

Katie M (ca) wrote: Yeah, Roger Moore *was* my favorite James Bond........til he shot Tony Perkins!! ;-P

Mike M (gb) wrote: A film so well-acted that it plays much better than such a simple story has a right to be. Only a handful of characters make up this tale of a English nomad who stumbles into a gas station in the middle of the Arizona desert, only to meet the love of his life - the daughter of the station's owner, she herself equally as lost. Alas, the fates weave tragic for these would-be lovers - even when Leslie Howard (the Englishman) is forced back to Bette Davis (as the daughter) after first trying to leave and carry on his roaming ways. The cause? Gangtster Duke Mantee and his gang, on the lam from police, with the lead played by none other than Humphrey Bogart in his break-out role. Interesting to note that the studio initially wanted Edward G. Robinson in this role - only to have Howard (having already been bast) refuse to allow anyone else to be cast but Bogart, with whom he had played opposite in a theatrical run of the same story. Taut writing, riveting performances and an ending for the ages, The Petrified Forest is a slice of old Hollywood sure to please any true cinaste. Enjoyed on state-of-the-art VHS.

Eric H (mx) wrote: Bizarre, unconventional, and altogether confusing, "The Uninvited" is a bit too difficult to follow to be legitimately frightening or effective.

Jean V (ru) wrote: A tale for all Australians, a tale misunderstood also by most Australians. What is this Kokoda Spirit that is whispered among the veterans and hinted at during the odd history lesson during our schooling. Kokoda attempts to grab at the Australian heart and pull at the patriotic strings. I wanted to love this film. I first viewed Kokoda prior to having any real knowledge of the campaign. Needless to say I was lost in a confusing dark, often slow film that failed to grab me. A real disapointement. Second viewing of Kokoda (as I said I wanted to love this film) I had recently trekked the trail, I had read some literature (Field Guide to the Kokoda Track - Bill James & Kokoda - Peter Fitzsimmons)I had safe to say a little emotional investment the second time I viewed the film. What was a confusing, slowly sometimes tedious film was brought to life with a little background knowledge and a taste of what it was that our young lads encountered on this bloody trail. The film is sometimes a little confusing highlighting the confusion of war, confusion of a jungle, the confusion of a malnutritioned under slept over fought group of young men. Slowly, tediously, as is the fasion of the track, the film moves along to do its best in re-creating the human emotion of war. Kokoda is not an epic war flick, it is not state of the art, it is a gritty film of a gritty battle. If you have any interest in the Kokoda campaign this is well worth a viewing. This is not glamorous it is war.