Appointment with Death

Appointment with Death

Emily Boynton, stepmother to the three Boynton children -- Lennox, Raymond and Carol -- and mother to Ginevra, blackmails the family lawyer, Jefferson Cope, into destroying a second will of her late husband that would have freed the children from her dominating influence. She takes herself, the children and her daughter-in-law Nadine on holiday to Europe and the Holy Land. In Jerusalem, the great detective Hercule Poirot meets up with a woman friend, Dr. Sarah King, who falls in love with Raymond Boynton to Emily's disapproval. Lady Westholme, her secretary Miss Quinton and lawyer Cope are following them too. The children discover the second will and Emily succeeds in rubbing the rest the wrong way, causing much hatred towards her. At a dig, Emily is found dead. Poirot investigates.

When a former prison wardress who dominates the lives of her three adult stepchildren and her daughter is found dead at an archaeological dig near the Dead Sea, there are a great many suspects. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sheila D (br) wrote: Beautiful, moving, interesting in parts, but the voice over so portentous, the parallels between searching the skies and the desert so overworked that it's a fail, though I feel an insensitive heel for saying so.

Jasmine S (de) wrote: I LOVE THE MOVIE <3 SWAGGIE <3

Shane O (ag) wrote: a horror movie about a horror movie. already confused? then this isnt for you. low budget, cheesy, tongue in cheek , nicely done little bit of gory horror with a lot of random cameos! not bad at all. watch this if you want to see Kane 'jason voorhees' hodder get ironically chased through the woods and then decapitated in the opening minute........

Judi V (us) wrote: Astonishing to see the mercurial (see Terminator 2 and X-Files) Robert Patrick do such an incredible Elvis! An enjoyable possibility . . .

Graham G (ca) wrote: it ok for a film set in newcastle

Muffin M (ag) wrote: Coming soon to my DVD collection...

Shaun M (mx) wrote: so bad it's good.....

Rick P (kr) wrote: Where some low-brow comedies attempt to thinly plaster emotion over a wall of crude humor, "Grandma's Boy" gently applies it to create a wonderful mural of contrasting tones (Stoner-shit talking goofs and the unconditional love of family). Is this a ridiculous flick with sophomoric humor that's heavy on cheap laughs? Absolutely, but it is one with plenty of genuine heart in their characters (especially from Alex, Samantha, and Lilly) to have a little of everything in a viewing experience.

Matt B (it) wrote: Still to this day my all time favorite Marvel adaptation film. Great soundtrack,acting and memorable punch lines I could watch this movie a million times and it will never get old. Can't wait for vol. 2

C J (us) wrote: yet another movie i never want to see again. don't waste your time.

Dyllan G (de) wrote: supremly action packed