Après lui

Après lui

A woman (Catherine Deneuve) becomes obsessed with her son's best friend after her child dies in a car accident.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:French
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:guilt,   despair,   grief,  

A woman (Catherine Deneuve) becomes obsessed with her son's best friend after her child dies in a car accident. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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william s (de) wrote: What a outstanding movie. full of heart.


Bob K (gb) wrote: Simply the truth. Everyone should see it before they make up their minds on tort reform.

Mike C (it) wrote: I've become quite a fan of Jason Ritter. He's great in Good Dick, The Education of Charlie Banks, and pretty good in this. Most think Jess Weixler actually steals the show in this slow, realistic romance of sorts, and I'm not sure they are wrong. Funny to note, her biggest movie is probably Teeth, the flick featuring a vagina with teeth that devours the, um, members of young men who try to have their way with her.This is a short movie at 74 minutes, so it's a nice watch. Plenty packed in there and none of the filler junk. It's like Hollywood Lite. The movie covers an entire relationship from start to end, though not necessarily in that order. It's well-acted, well-scripted, and minus some of the low budget stuff, just overall pretty well done. Some were comparing it to 500 Days of Summer. Obviously, that movie had a bigger budget and they were able to do a lot more with it. 500 Days also happens to be my favorite or second-favorite movie, so I see little comparison other than they are relationship movies. That said, it's pretty good just because of the reasons I mentioned. Just different.Final thing to note is the PBJ fight scene. It's probably the funniest fight scene I've seen in a movie. He is already tense and cannot understand why she is using two knives to make his PB&J sandwich. Everything bothers him, even the fact that she says PB&J. It would have been even funnier had it not been so mean-spirited, but even so, it was pretty damn laughable.

Kevin M W (ru) wrote: Morgan Freeman plays a popular movie star (!) wandering around the real world and helping the little people with a thumbs up and a smile and a jig. Gliding along on the pure charm of its lead (and executive producer) one can almost forget the implied insult. Paz Vega has the unenviable position of portraying "us - in awe". Unbelievable chutzpah.

Francisco F (fr) wrote: Austere et sublime. Vrai et hallucine. Triste et enchante. Exigeant.

Vincent K (ag) wrote: Heb vaak moeten lachen maar soms gaan ze er wel ietwat over. Kurkdroge humor wel en dat kan den deze wel pruimen.

Hael M (ca) wrote: This Spanish film made me cry lots. The ending was rather twee, but the film is well worth seeing. It explores a woman's relationship with her mother and unfolds with some very poignant and moving scenes.

Mitch S (nl) wrote: A cross between Alfred Hitchcock's Rope and Brokeback Mountain, a very strange combination that somehow works very well. (B+)

Carey L (de) wrote: "It's Francois coming back to get his whores."

Philip P (kr) wrote: Charming romance about two private detectives, the women they are hired to follow and with whom they fall in love. Led by the great Ben Gazzara and John Ritter's brilliant physical comedy. Clever use of Manhattan locations.

David G (ca) wrote: The only reason to watch this film is to get a snapshot of what London was like in 1974. It's a real shame that Brannigan is so bad. There are a host of great actors in this movie but it simply doesn't work.

Ken S (de) wrote: Sergio Leone produced, and (while uncredited) directed a few scenes, this Western mostly directed by Tonino Valerii. It is a Spaghetti Western starring Henry Fonda and Terence Hill, and it is more of a comedy and parody of the Spaghetti Western genre than anything else. It isn't terribly successful though..while it doesn't take itself seriously (thus sort of negating its comparison to the Dollars trilogy or anything really), it isn't terribly funny either. I like the idea of Leone heading up the production of a joke on the genre he so famously helped to define...but I just don't think it worked as much as it maybe should have.

Laura (es) wrote: Just what you need on a Sunday afternoon to have a little laugh at the innocence of the 60s (!) well, in this anyway! Hattie Jacques is utterly hilarious and yes,it's a bit farcical, but i love it :)

Walter M (us) wrote: "Sapphire" starts with the discovery of a dead body in a London park by two children. As Superintendent Robert Hazard(Nigel Patrick) and Inspector Phil Learoyd(Michael Craig) investigate the case, they identify the victim as Sapphire, Robbins, a university student, and talk to her boyfriend, David Harris(Paul Massie). When Hazard meets her older brother(Earl Cameron), a doctor, he is taken aback by his dark brown skin, learning in the process that Sapphire was passing for white. You have to like any mystery that starts with a dead body, and "Sapphire" uses that as a jumping off point for a compelling puzzle that is more who was she than who done it, although that is not unimportant here. The movie turns that into a smart and pointed critique of the racism of the time the movie was made in England which only surprised me as far as the segregation was concerned but there is none of the mistrust of the police that I would come to expect.(Is it any wonder that Basil Dearden would go on to direct "Victim" two years later?) The movie is also far ahead of its time in popping any number of stereotypes in its nuanced depiction of black professionals. At first, I thought maybe the attitudes on race might be generational but Hazard is the consummate professional, especially compared to his younger colleague, as the movie is firmly interested in not letting anyone off the hook.