April 18

April 18


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1984
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:April 18 1984 full movies, April 18 torrents movie

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April 18 torrent reviews

Gi S (ca) wrote: pior filme que eu j vi na minha vida. No tem sentido nenhum, s nojento. Horrvel.

Nathaniel M (mx) wrote: So concentrated on establishing an atmosphere of numbness that they forgot to add an interesting story or characters.

Robert D (ag) wrote: Avoiding sentimentality, this western recounts the story of a wounded criminal nursed back to health by the widow of a man suspected of murdering her husband. No big name actors, but well acted and well scripted.

Fabricio G (ca) wrote: Seven Psychopaths feels different and it has nice characters and perormances.

Luca D (mx) wrote: Pensavo peggio, di solito queste commedie risultano sgangherate, con una trama che si basa su una sola idea etc, in questo caso non si tocca nessuna vetta di eccellenza pero' e' un buon lavoro.

Abel D (ca) wrote: While it may be slow and not walk as fine a balance as say 'Life is Beautiful', this psuedo Holocaust dark-dramedy can still be admired for trying. Certainly another strong dramatic turn from Williams is a major note.

Scott C (fr) wrote: Wow, I just watched the trailer to refresh my memory and it doesn't bring back much. Why did this just vanish into the ether for me? I seem to remember thinking it was overrated.

Aori B (ru) wrote: Moral of the movie - women can stalk men and it is ok to mentally cheat on someone. fail.

Darron P (de) wrote: Citizen Kane for the B-Boy Generation

Dr A (jp) wrote: So he was korean after all... I saw him as a TV talk show on korean TV in L.A., chanel 18 to be precise, didn't understand anything but seemed he was the host... nothing like watching something you don't understand... oh, yeah, the movie, not good, made me laugh as a teenager, first half is good, second half sucked.

Blake P (kr) wrote: The second "Silent Movie" starts, you know Mel Brooks had something to do with it. He'e the only comedy actor/director that would even attempt to make a modern day silent movie, and itonlymakes sense. Brooks is known for his extremely broad comedy, literally doing anything to get a laugh. And when it comes to silent comedies from the '20s, they work best when it's all focused on slapstick, screwball, and physical humor; Brooks does that like no other. Thank god he made "Silent Movie" -- any otherdirectorwouldmess it all up. Of course Brooks stars; here, he is Mel Funn, a comedy filmmaker past his glory days (and has turned to alcohol for support) that has a golden idea: what if he makes a silent film in order to save a failing studio, simply by getting a top of the line cast? With his two buddies (Dom DeLuise & Marty Feldman) in tow, he manages to get a handful of stars. But with evil company Engulf and Devour itching to purchase (cough cough, steal) the studio, Funn and his guys must finish the movie before they lose their chance. It's refreshing that "Silent Movie" isn't black-and-white, set in the '20s, or revolving around A-list actors attempting to get nominated for an Oscar. Set in 1976, modern for when it was made, it'slargely meta-- a silent movie about a director trying to make a silent movie in 1976. It isn't simply good on pen and paper because it possibly even outdoes many original silent movies, thanks to the humor included that was much torisqufor the '20s. One of the most gleeful things on display is simply how excellent the cast is. Everybody involved seems to be having a greattime,maybe even more so than anyone in "Young Frankenstein," because in the latter film, everything is so reliant on its puns -- with "Silent Movie" it's all about physical gags, which everyone in the ensemble is good at. Even Burt Reynolds, THE mustached cool-guy of the '70s, manages to be hilarious when playing his mock image. The question remains: is "Silent Movie" as good as "The Producers" or "Blazing Saddles"? I'm not hesitant when I say it's just as good as either. Brooks' films of the '70s are all classic, and "Silent Movie" is undeservedlyundercooked. There is so much comedy magic on display, that the only explanation for its hidden gem status is possibly due to the fact that you literally cannot quote it. No matter, every second of "Silent Movie" is scrumptious; it's a homage that doesn't feel like a homage because it's so good. "Silent Movie" is nearly perfect. It aims to be a modern day silent movie, and it blows what it's dedicating itself to out of the water.

Virginia B (fr) wrote: Wonderfully Charming. A cute love story with lovable characters. A must see.

Josh M (de) wrote: A ramped up homage to B-movie horror with a simplistic plot and heavy action. There are a few pointless scenes that really have nothing to do with the overall idea, but the fun cheesiness makes them forgettable.

Isaac B (it) wrote: Successfully portrays not only underground cartoonists, but underground comix themselves.