April Fool

April Fool

Ashok comes from a wealthy family, which is run by his dad, and elder brother, Alok. Ashok himself is a slacker, and is only interested in slacking, and playing practical jokes, and no ...

Ashok comes from a wealthy family, which is run by his dad, and elder brother, Alok. Ashok himself is a slacker, and is only interested in slacking, and playing practical jokes, and no ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kenneth L (ru) wrote: Typical story of a pair of "odd couple" law enforcement officers working together. But the star duo really sell it, and I laughed quite a bit.

Caroline J (kr) wrote: Red 2. Follow on from the first which was amazing. Retired cia/black ops agent Frank Moses (willis) has the task of reuniting his old team of operatives after the threat of a missing nuclear device. The on-slaught continues from the first movie and the group are plagued assassins, terrorists and government officials. Wits, skills and each other to rely upon to stop the terrorists. Malkovich, Parker and Mirren along with Hopkins and Zeta-Jones make this movie old school but fun to watch. Comedy with action in built.

Shahd Q (ca) wrote: can't wait to watch it

Randi E (br) wrote: I cannot believe this received such low reviews. It is a perfect screwball dramedy that takes one to new dimensions of repressed childhoods, crazy psychiatrists, (in)sanity and the crazy stylistics of the 70s. I ADORED it.

Jeshelle V (nl) wrote: I love the Austin Powers Movies

Marilee A (ru) wrote: I loved this Movie, seeing it here minds me to go buy it

Amber T (au) wrote: I liked it when it came out and I still find it funny. Now that I am older its funny in a campy way but when I was young this movie ruled.

Dryorophus (us) wrote: As the moste kung fu movies...But I still like them

joanna c (nl) wrote: it was so suspenseful

Brandon W (mx) wrote: From Dusk Till Dawn is a hybrid of a crime and vampire film that stars George Clooney, Quentin Tarantino, Harvey Keitel, and Juliette Lewis in a film that's directed by Robert Rodriguez and written by Quentin Tarantino. When Robert and Quentin work together, I was expecting nothing but great fun, and I was curious to see Quentin Tarantino write a vampire film, which it shows that the film can have a lot of fun and definitely not take itself seriously. The crime aspect of the film is really good with some intense action scenes. I didn't necessarily get why Quentin Tarantino was nominated for some bad awards for his acting, I thought that he was fine in it, not groundbreaking, but was decent. George Clooney is having a lot of fun in it and was just terrific in it, and Harvey Keitel is really good as I haven't seen him in much films except for his main role in Reservoir Dogs which he's also great in. The writing by Quentin Tarantino is very Tarantino-ly which is just as great as his other films for his style of dialogue and great jokes. If the film was just about the crime plot, I would've been fine with it and would like to hear more of the conversations between George Clooney and Quentin Tarantino, but it goes to the other plot aspect which is the vampire genre. Even though I would've been fine with the whole film being about the crime plot, I'm glad that it went this route because that's when the movie gets even more fun. Some of the new characters are really cool and memorable with some of the aspects being odd, but cool at the same time. The designs of the vampires look really cool, and since I get to know a bit more of the characters, the action scenes get even more entertaining. I like how accepting they are to vampires, but in a smart way, and you have no idea about what characters are going to die or survive. The only issue with it that I have is that the vampires are very dumb in this movie and could've easily kill some of the main characters if they stop talking and start biting the humans. As is, From Dusk Till Dawn is one of the most fun vampire films that I watched, and I'm glad that it has a cult following for it.

Private U (us) wrote: Hitchcockian FRENCH thriller!! SPOOKY SPOOKY

Armando P (it) wrote: Wes Anderson's masterpiece. Beautiful in every aspect. Even tho the cast is huge they all act incredibly good.

Kev S (kr) wrote: beautiful whale tail

William S (it) wrote: okay. this is my favorite guilty pleasure movie. It's an okay movie, but the 9 years old kid in me love this movie.

Brett W (de) wrote: two "dudes" and a sociopath go on a survivalist nature walk where they attempt to construct a wrecking ball out of wood, which then somehow falls on and impales one of the dudes. The dude then is somehow able to survive for three days with a giant branch sticking out of his chest. That's about it. Oh wait, the sociopath gets high on peyote and frollicks through the forest in a brief and pointless scene. [sarcasm]Great movie[/sarcasm].