April Love

April Love

A teenager (Pat Boone), recently in trouble with the police, is sent to live with his aunt and uncle on their Kentucky farm in order to rediscover life's values. Director Henry Levin's 1957 musical remake of "Home In Indiana" also stars Shirley Jones, Arthur O'Connell, Jeanette Nolan and Dolores Michaels.

Chicagoan Nick Conover received a suspended sentence for being caught joyriding in a stolen car, with his driver's license suspended indefinitely. Nicky's problems are seen as running around with the wrong crowd. Nicky's sentence is predicated on him living at the run down Kentucky horse farm of his Aunt Henrietta and Uncle Jed Bruce, who he hasn't seen since he was a child. The judge figured this more wholesome environment would get Nicky away from his bad influences. Henrietta wants to be a part of Nicky's salvation, but Jed doesn't trust the fact of a delinquent being under his roof, although he has other more personal reasons not having to do with Nicky for his initially antagonistic relationship with his nephew. Nicky doesn't rebel against farm life, but ends up gravitating toward anything mechanical, especially the sports car owned by sophisticated Fran Templeton - the elder daughter of Dan Templeton, who owns the luxurious neighboring horse farm - and by association Fran ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James H (it) wrote: 62/100. Well, as one of the few people to apparently who liked this film, I found it charming and inspiring. The characters are well developed and likable. It's pleasantly acted by all, and there is a sincerity to the main performances. Good story.

Trevor L (nl) wrote: Haunting, and timely as ever.

Luc L (ru) wrote: An near perfect buddy movie about two different drifters from a different generation. Clint Eastwood playing a retired thief and Jeff Bridges playing a sweet, free-spirited man. Bridges` character decides to help Eastwood character, when he is on the run from a mysterious man (George Kennedy), who tries to murder him for revenge. Eastwood and Bridges decides to make a deal with Kennedy and his simple minded partner Geoffrey Lewis to do another robbery to get even on a deal that Eastwood lost the loot on a previous job.This movie is certainly one of a kind, it has good characterization from the performances. Bridges recieved an Oscar-nomination for his wonderful performance. Also notable for being Michael Cimino first movie as a filmmaker, who went on to direct "The Deer Hunter", the expansive flop "Heaven`s Gate" and the underrated crime action drama "Year of the Dragon". Cimino does have an bizarre, sense of humour in this movie. It wasn't quite the breakthrough movie, when it was first released. Eastwood felt United Artists didn't market the better than it should have. It was a modest hit instead and quickly forgotten. Remained a cult classic over the years, this is one of Eastwood better movies. This is a must see, if you haven`t. Region 1 DVD is out of print. You can find this movie on-line, all of them have non-anamorphic Widescreen transfer. But it is certainly worth tracking down this movie. It is a excellent part comedy, part drama. It is serious at times, even cold-hearted at times. But it is really Eastwood and especially Bridges` performances keep this movie moving. Don't miss it.

Ethan H (ca) wrote: Its too bad that Rodan can only shine in Godzilla

Alexander S (jp) wrote: Considering this film was made almost 80 years ago, it's still very suspenseful, especially the Albert Hall scene! Peter Lorre gives a very chilling performance as the villian, and I was very surprised at how well I liked this old gem.

Cori J (es) wrote: Still proves to be one of my favorite horse films

Carmela (fr) wrote: What a truly, truly rich, moving experience. I love those films made in the war years, as they mean so much and teach so much and have so much more depth and meaning. Watch on the Rhine is no exception. I can see why Bette Davis took the role "for its importance." It teaches so much to the American people of its time - and even now - how we don't really know what it means to be a European in an Old World so often used to the kinds of conflict that created World War II.The movie also strikingly doesn't feel like propaganda, even though the message was clearly to move its audience into action (aren't all worthwhile films aimed at personal change?). It presented a very enlightening, moving perspective on both the German menace and the Underground protagonists. Muller (Paul Lukas) explains how we will one day feel pity for those Germans who just "follow orders" and are really just fools, like De Brancovis (George Coulouris). And the perspective that Muller and the Underground may indeed be like the evil they fight - to see Muller admit he was bad. Situations like this are not black and white.After seeing this, my sister wanted to learn more about WWII, the Underground, and the Holocaust. Through it, she's had the experience I've had so long ago.In that time, I see character, selflessness, and purpose greater than self. I love it so, and I am saddened by the blatant selfishness that defines today's society. Movies like this inspire me and make me see continually that ideals and convictions can be attained and are indeed beautiful.

Steve G (kr) wrote: I wish this movie wasn't endless... I had to. I actually like this more than many others. The story is a somewhat interesting one, even if it's not told in the best way. A lot of what I hate about humanity is found here. The setting exemplifies the early 80s. So many unlikable people. Great song, though. There is a reality about the emotions of love. So much awkward & melodrama, but there's a lesson in here, somewhere.

Daniel M (mx) wrote: Thrilling movie a little slow but it was good!!