April Showers

April Showers

A look inside a tragedy through the eyes of a survivor. Based on actual events, April Showers is about picking up the pieces in the direct aftermath of school violence

A crime film is based on a true story. Consequence of school violence makes a tragedy in a middle class suburban area. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jesse O (ca) wrote: I'll be damned if this film's title isn't the cleverest thing about it. That's not to say that the movie is bad or anything, but I think it's a movie that fancies itself to be funnier than it actually is. As far as a movie that you can sit down, have a couple of laughs with and just watch without really putting too much of a strain on your brain, though, then this will do just fine for most of you. Part of me is surprised that the audience reaction was as 'negative' as it was. Again, not saying that this is good or anything, but it's the type of movie that seems to be like it'd be more of a hit with audiences than with critics and in this case it was the other way around. And there's only 5 critic reviews on here, 4 of which are fairly positive, so it's not like it's a widely reviewed film, but still. I think a lot of that is the look of the film, it's just got a real low-budget look and, honestly, sometimes people judge a movie based on how it looks. And I've been one of those, I'm not gonna say I haven't, but I like to think that, at least in my case, the look is just one of the many things that I don't like about the movie. I'm not gonna hate a movie just because it doesn't look all that expensively made. I'm gonna hate a movie because it has shit acting, illogical writing AND because it looks like crap. It's a combination deal with me, you see. That's neither here nor there, however. The movie's best asset is, obviously, the fact that Maria Thayer, who looks 30 when she's actually 40, is so good at her role. And the casting of the film is solid all around, Ray Wise is always good to have on board as he always finds a way to entertain me, even in roles where he's a little more subdued. But the film pretty much depends on her performance. She's very charming and likable and it makes Deb a heroine that's easy to root for. It also helps that Maria has good chemistry with her leading man Michael Cassidy. They have good back and forth exchanges and there's some funny moments between the two. I will say, however, that the romance between the two feels incredibly forced and completely unnatural. Maria and Michael have good chemistry, yes, but they don't have the type of chemistry where you could see the two actually falling in love with each other. So that felt really forced and unnatural to me. There's this scene where Deb confesses that she has fallen in love and she even makes mention of the fact that it might be to quick to come to this conclusion, but their situation with zombie apocalypse and all that hastened things a bit. And it's not even the fact that their falling in love took place over, what seems, to be less than a week. It's just that you didn't see them interacting together enough to make it feel like they were truly meant to be together. It is what it is, but it's an obvious flaw in the film, no question about it. With that said, though, this is still a decent film through and through. It's like 84 minutes long, so it's over before you know it and it never overstays its welcome. It's not a great zombie date movie, but it's still pretty decent if you have nothing better to do for 80 or so minutes.

Bruno V (ag) wrote: A yes it was Michelle Williams , forgot it . If your a big Monroe-fan then this may be a treat for some , for me ...interesting a bit ...and another little love story

Chris H (jp) wrote: Wahey! The Black Panther! Great little animated movie<

Brenda S (it) wrote: Es excelente!!!! Diferente y entretenida. Es un "must"!!!

WS W (es) wrote: I know many people think [Les Amants reguliers] is a masterpiece. And Louis Garrel is one of my favorite contemporary French actor. However, it is just not my cup of tea. A static film like this really way toooooooooo long.

Anthony C (ru) wrote: Good Pairing With Adam Sandler and Winona ryder

Ranny L (it) wrote: KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Brianna Hope Beaton (age 12) reviews the film below:This is a very cute, entertaining and enjoyable film with lots and lots of cats. I like this film, because it has a little humor and creativity. I love how Miss Minoes (Carice van Houten) turns from a cat into a human and still has all her cat like instincts. To me this is a very challenging role to be able to switch back and forth like that throughout the film. I really start to enjoy this film when Miss Minoes become friends with the humans and see how she is communicating and reacting to them. This is really cool. I like how most of the background music is upbeat and goes beautifully with the specific scenes. Miss Minoes is a Siamese cat that is curious and gets herself changed into a young woman by drinking some dangerous chemicals. She dresses and talks like a young woman, but also eat and climb trees like a cat. She finds and helps a shy journalist, Tibbe (Theo Maassen), prove to his town that they have a villain for a factory boss that is not to be trusted. She gets all the latest and greatest information from all her little cat friends and passes it to Tibbe.Vincent Bal directs Miss Minoes which is an adaptation of the 1970 novel by Annie M.G. Schmidt and was released in the Netherlands in 2001. This film is dubbed in English, is easy for follow and enjoyable. Another main character is Bibi (Sarah Bannier) who is Tibbe(TM)s closest friend but also is a kid.A couple of great messages in this film are to respect each other(TM)s differences and to not judge a book by its cover, because Miss Minoes outside appearance is a woman, but underneath she is truly a cat. Miss Minoes is great for ages 8 to 12 and mostly girls who love cats will definitely enjoy this film. I give this film 4 out of 5 stars because, although it(TM)s a great cat film, I just think it has a little too many cats for a dog lover like me. Miss Minoes is overall a good film and I(TM)m sure you will like it as well. So don(TM)t forget to get your copy on DVD or Blue ray and always listen to your felines.

Cronis M (mx) wrote: Kitschy adventure comedy akin to Romancing the Stone. Peter Falk and Jeff Goldblum are bigger than this film and dominate scenes, and Cindy Lauper's attempt at a Desperately Seeking Susan's Madonna works.

Oliver E (ag) wrote: I suppose it is a very mysterious film. I sat there wondering why the things that were happening were happening and what exactly was happening, but In a way, maybe that's the film's point.

Steve S (it) wrote: Great flashback music history. very Interesting.

Joseph B (jp) wrote: "Setting off to wander, drifting on and onTill memories of Tokyo are goneDon't cry for me, night rainA man's life bleeds away in crimson colorsThe drifter from Tokyo"Tetsu the Phoenix (Tesuya Watari) sings as he walks along a snowbank trying to avoid a rival Yakuza gang that is out to kill him in Seijun Suzuki's 1966 yakuza film "Tokyo Drifter." Tetsu is very loyal to boss Kurata (Ryuji Kita) who wishes to end his criminal activites and go straight, Tetsu wants to follow. But a rival gang wishes for Kurata to give his seal to a land deed in their real estate scam plan, but when their intimidation fails and Tetsu arrives to save Karuta. Otsuka (Hideaki Esumi), the rival gang boss, wants Tetsu killed so it may be easier to intimidate Karuta. What follows is a very stylish Yakuza picture that shows influences from British gangster films of the era and somehow highlight the swinging sixties attitude of London but in Tokyo.Much has been written about director Suzuki's dislike for Nikkatsu Company and Shomei Imamura who had been given large budgets for his films while Suzuki was given small budgets for B-movies that usually accompanied Imamura's films. He had started directing films in 1956 and by 1963, his films started to get very experimental and surreal. Nikkatsu Company lowered the budget and warned Suzuki against making a bizarre movie. Although, "Tokyo Drifter" is nowhere near the absurd, fragmented storyline that would become his next film "Branded to Kill," Suzuki manages to create a beautiful film along with cinematographer Shigeyoshi Mine. The colors seem to pop as if it were a comic book at times. The film begins in black and white where the white is overblown and the blacks dark before bursting into color. The film is an exagerration of Warholian pop art and MGM musicals. The film suggests a satirical nature and parodies Japanese corporations and abuse of power. A beautiful, stylish film that may leave you wanting to explore more Suzuki films.

Nathan A (ru) wrote: Not an amazing film, but with a concept I can't seem to forget.

Jason C (kr) wrote: A movie about living as a closeted homosexual and the lengths people will go/are forced to go to hide it. In many ways, a very sad film. Also a pretty intense horror film with some great sequences and some stunning imagery. Probably Barker's most fully realized work as a director.

Inked D (de) wrote: Storyline intended was good but the way the plot played out borders on ridiculous. Over-exaggerates. I rolled my eyes and laughed more than I got spooked.