April Story

April Story

In spring, a girl leaves the island of Hokkaido to attend university in Tokyo. Once there, she is asked to reveal why she wanted to go there in the first place.

In spring, a girl leaves the island of Hokkaido to attend university in Tokyo. Once there, she is asked to reveal why she wanted to go there in the first place. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Niloo R (au) wrote: i remember watching the tv series when i was a child, and back then it was the greatest thing i'd ever seen. i'm not sure if it's the film that didn't live up to the series, or my changing tastes as i've grown older, but i found the film sentimental and very on the nose. i got the sense that the director was struggling to make his audience cry, especially with over-the-top dialogue and acting, which worked against that aim. visually too, it wasn't as well-shot and graded as it could have been.

Raymond W (mx) wrote: This movie wasn't good as the first movie. I didn't like it.

Greg S (au) wrote: When a spoiled rich boy is mocked due to a homosexual incident, he retreats into a virtual world, a community called "suicide room" full of teens who want to kill themselves. The elaborately animated "World of Warcraft" style fantasy chat room scenes---you might call them virtual magical realism---are the main draw in this well-intentioned, occasionally over-acted "emo" drama about teen suicide. From Poland.

Jon N (au) wrote: It's like watching a poor mans 'sons of anarchy' with worst acting and dreadful scripting.

Marguerite d (gb) wrote: Un massala bien men et original

Sing Chie T (jp) wrote: If only the cast and acting is better...

Mike T (ag) wrote: Pretty decent little movie. Excellent 3D, an excellent tone, roller coaster of thrills, dark underwater coolness and a lot of fun for a relaxing evening. Some really dumb dialogue if you're into stupidity and lack of brilliance in movies, like if you are the kind of person that likes big dumb escapism and spectacle over challenging dramatic tension and lengthy challenging long movies.

Vivek B (ag) wrote: Fantabulous ! ...if I will start writing abt the movie, it will be endless...so better watch it!

Tanvi V (jp) wrote: christ, this was depressing. but good.

Swamo Z (us) wrote: Aunque el diseo pueda resultar impactante, la forma en que se mueven los personajes me resulta ridcula.La historia es francamente mala, necesita muchos dilogos para poderse entender y termina en un melodrama difcil de creer.

Shadow L (nl) wrote: Goodness...Naveen Andrews is in thsi movie. It is all about sex set in 16th century India. Much amusement can be had watching this because it is sexy but doesn't carry the sex to extremes.

Ken S (nl) wrote: "The Two Jakes" is a surprisingly decent sequel to the Classic "Chinatown". This time Nicholson returns as Jake Gittes, but also does double duty as Director, with Robert Towne also returning as screenwriter. I think Nicholson is still good in the role he originated 16 years prior to this one, and he does a decent job as director, doing a better job than most in recreating the visual look of the previous film (when the sequel is made so long after the act I mean). The flaws of the film are that it can move a little slow, and that it unnecessarily tries to tie in the plot with the plot of the previous film...when the mystery plot worked pretty good without the "Chinatown" plot connection (just having Jake is a good enough connection, did we need the Katherine Mulroy subplot?). Mostly though, this is a solid mystery film, it isn't without it's flaws, but it was enjoyable enough and competently made.

Private U (es) wrote: It seems as if everyone commenting is ignoring the fact that there are 5 stories to this film, not just Truffaut's... They are quite uneven, but Rosselini's part from Rome is magnificent. The young girl and the experienced woman... How experience will change the way you see love and what it is.

Jeffrey C (ru) wrote: What a disaster. What accent did Hemsworth have? Apparently the Huntsman can beat up an character that doesn't have a name in the movie, like he's easily able to handle henchman number 2. But, Jane, nope...looks inept. How does that make sense. Also, the plot was bad and the flow of the movie wasn't smooth.