• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:46 minutes
  • Release:1961
  • Language:
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:fight,   apartment,   water,  

A critique of materialism, the film is about a young couple who live in a rundown empty apartment. Their love is so strong that it makes the water flow and the electricity work, but when they start purchasing furniture and knickknacks, they fight and grow apart . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mandi L (au) wrote: I'm not sure why so many people hated this movie but I really liked it! (And I'm very particular) It was very interesting. I guess in a nutshell its about a loss so heavy it nearly drives you mad...but just before it does...you meet someone with the same exact hole or sadness. Together you learn to cope and heal even in the most unorthodox of ways. It's worth checking out for sure...especially if you like an original storyline, great acting, and an overall original film with a satisfying ending.

Greg W (br) wrote: a funny black comedy that writer/director Dennis Lee gets right on the money.

Nate W (kr) wrote: This movie is absolutely hilarious!! Definitely a must watch if you have a sense of humor.

Jareth S (ag) wrote: This movie is just SO wrong and yet still very funny. It's the type of movie where you want to laugh at the sheer absurdity of the events, but might look around you to see if others in the audience are laughing or offended by its dark humor. This satire takes jabs at a lot of things, including the seeming pointlessness of sororities and people sometimes being 'charitable' for all the wrong (selfish) reasons. Its more enjoyable seen as an over-the-top imitation of an old Douglas Sirk melodrama (sort of like Written on the Wind meets All That Heaven Allows). We're not meant to take the 'love story' seriously and the competitive nature of the 'Challenged Games' seems like something you'd see on South Park or in a Farrelly Brothers movie. It's probably most likely to appeal to people who were fans of dark comedies like "Heathers". If you want a more serious take on forbidden romance based on Sirk-ian melodrama, I'd suggest Todd Haynes excellent film "Far From Heaven".

Hiromi Y (au) wrote: The weirdest movie i've ever seen. really.

Alice S (us) wrote: i dont get it. its just rubbish. not even in a funny way.

Randy R (us) wrote: Now this movie was great. Burt Reynolds play a role as Navajo Indian his name was Joe. He help this town called Esperanza of gang of outlaws. I don't know any actor in this movie beside Burt Reynolds. The Gang of outlaws invades a village. They kill his wife. Joe gets mad. Pick them off by one and two and all of them. I wish they made the ending better though. But this movie is worth watching though. The story was decent good for me. I like it!!!!!! I might watch it again sometime.

Daniel K (es) wrote: 3: Very solid samurai picture, but not quite up to the standards set down by the master: Kurosawa. The story seems remarkably familiar both from samurai and western films, but this is exactly as it should be when dealing with this kind of genre picture. The sword fighting leaves something to be desired and it feels almost like a B-version of Kurosawa at times. The direction, music, fighting, cast, etc are all a bit less than. Still, fans of the genre will not be disappointed.

sabrina i (us) wrote: Sometimes you find yourself being drawn into a film because of the cast alone - that is true with this film. When you have Clark Gable, William Powell and Myrna Loy in one film - it's hard not to be.

Joseph B (ru) wrote: Two words to describe this film would be "camp" and "conservative."The SFX are excellent for 1930, the music is decent and the writing can either be solid or silly. The acting all belongs in a film set in 1930. The wardrobe is just contemporary wares made askew; they hardly tried.Of course, the film is also outdated. The film's poor view of women was archaic by the time of its release. Even though technology has advanced considerably, scientists have no sense of ethics, e.g. threatening to kill subjects for asking questions. As for stereotypes, Jews control [the aviation] business, the only job an Irishman can get is "street cop", and gays are sissy maries.A strange entry from early Hollywood.

Carlos M (jp) wrote: A gory, trashy cult classic of the genre with an interesting (and very disturbing) idea, fascinating villains and a great makeup that stands out above all else, yet on the other hand the poor special effects and cheesy moments make it feel like a second-rate horror movie.

Segundo V (us) wrote: This movie and John Dimaggio reciting quotes from Donald Trump with his Zapp Brannigan voice gave me plenty of chuckles. A must watch for every Will Ferrell fan out there. And I'm SO using Cam's line "I. Fucked. Up." as a reaction image in my Facebook account.

Iain B (br) wrote: I'm struggling to understand what this film was about, there seemed to be a very loose and flimsy storyline and a lot of nonsensical chit chat, never watched the TV series and now I've never watched the film... 30 mins binned

Ice R (us) wrote: Led by a great performance by Farrah, this movie is really great.

Sharon M (us) wrote: looks good.definatly going:-).

Ken S (ag) wrote: When you consider all of the big slasher franchises of the 80s and 90s...is there a stranger concept that the evil doll Chucky? A serial killer is attempting to escape capture, and when he is fatally shot, he uses voodoo to put his soul inside a doll...and when he is bought by a single mom for her 6 year old, he begins to wreak havoc on their lives and get revenge on the cop that killed him and the partner that left him behind. It is a totally goofy premise, but it is pretty creepy and has some good kills too. It is surprisingly better than it's stupid premise should allow it to be, and I chuckled a lot near the end.