Two teenage girls discover that mermaids really do exist after a violent storm washes one ashore. The mermaid, a sassy creature named Aquamarine, is determined to prove to her father that real love exists, and enlists the girls' help in winning the heart of a handsome lifeguard.

It's a comedy but unreal. Two teenage girls discover a mermaid in their beach club's swimming pool. She promises them a wish if they help her prove to Neptune love exists, and Raymond is the only creature resembling a love-god. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric B (us) wrote: Verges on being self-aware and creative enough to be entertaining, but not quite.

David R (kr) wrote: I attended a press screening of this tonight, followed by a Q&A with the executive producers. It's a campaigning documentary on behalf of the Global Zero campaign, which wants nuclear weapons abolished. Listening to how close we've come to an accidental WW3 (in 1995 particularly), I can see why. Worrying stuff.

Irvin C (jp) wrote: This is my first Raoul Ruiz film and I believe this is one of, if not THE last film of his and I have to say it is perfectly crafted swan song. After a boy is conked on the head, his mother, a countess visits him and soon a tale unfolds with all sorts of different characters and storylines going off on various directions. This film reminds me a bit of "The Saragossa Manuscript" in its numerous flashbacks and tangential plot lines. Its 4.5 hour running time and the various directions make this film a little tough to sit through occasionally but it's such an impeccably crafted, beautiful film that it's definitely well worth it. The twist/ambiguous ending may piss a few people off.

Chrles Dvid H (es) wrote: I think the general message about this film is "go and kill a chav"

IOnell S (nl) wrote: Hace tantos aos y hasta ahora la veo. Un cheese drama pero enfocado en dos sobrevivientes pero no tan cursi al menos.

Stephen C (br) wrote: Sometimes it takes a master director to grab a good performance out of an actor who normally stars in lunkheaded action vehicles.The case here is action beefcake Vin Diesel and the director is the late great Sidney Lumet who returns to old stomping grounds here and comes up trumps again .Diesel plays reall life mobster Jackie Di Norscio who rather than have a lawyer defend him on RICO charges decides to represent himself.What follows is sometimes funny ,sometimes moving account of the trial using actual testimony from the real life trial.Lumet is careful to build the drama amongst the funny parts of the film and he also casts well around Diesel with Ron Silver as the Judge and Peter Dinklage as a defence lawyer turning in good performances.But the real star of the show is Vin Diesel ,which poses the question why doesnt he do more films like this?Even though he is playing an older man his acting ensures that it never feels phoned in or fake in any shape or form.Its such a shame that this film isnt better known as i feel it shows how good an actor Vin Diesel really really is,and its another Lumet masterclass.

Marjorie T (ru) wrote: Beautiful movie. Romantic and sad. A must-see.

Jess L (es) wrote: This film confused and scared me. Love Rik Mayall but this film was disappointing and just plain bad.

Hannah D (jp) wrote: Stephen Fry does a very convincing portrayal of Oscar Wilde. I'd like to have learnt a lot more about what made him tick as a person rather than just his love life, but this was sitll highly involving. Jude Law was also very good, too.

Private U (nl) wrote: All time favourite. Mani's very best.

Kat T (kr) wrote: Directors should not star in their movies.

Jarryd R (jp) wrote: wanna see it i cant wAIT LOL !!!

Wispa D (ca) wrote: Maybe the greatest fucking movie i have ever seen!

Melanie S (ru) wrote: Out of the many renderings of this classic work, this is neither the best nor the most imaginative. But what points it gains is for the stellar cast and for the sheer visceral, albeit unrefined, nature of the filming. Putting a stage work on film is a difficult trick at best, no less so when it involves such a heralded work of the Bard as this. But this particular adaptation has its moments. For film, it's a bit over-staged and over-stagey, but you can't fault the overall talent and David Tennant isn't entirely miscast as the gloomy Dane. Tennant's best work emerges when he's opposite someone with chops and fearlessness to match his own, which make the best moments of this rendering the ones with Gertrude (appropriately Freudian, one could argue). Not for the faint of heart, but a valid adaptation nonetheless and while not entirely entertaining or lacking in content, it has enough shining moments to appeal to the most die-hard of Shakespeareans.

Ben L (au) wrote: The atmosphere of The Third Man is superb. It captures that dark, noir feel and creates an ideal mood. I like a good murder mystery, and there was a number of interesting puzzles to solve as the movie progressed. The cast is quite good, in particular I loved the scenes where Joseph Cotten interacted with Trevor Howard or Orson Welles. They had some intense sequences with more going on than what each character would come right out and say. My biggest struggle with The Third Man was the fact that there was no mystery in it for me. I figured out what was going on very early, and I can't even explain why I was so convinced that I was correct, but turns out I was right all along. This took away a lot of the intrigue, and there wasn't enough other stuff going on in the story that I could keep my interest level high. It's not a total failure of the film or the script, but part of my enjoyment in murder mysteries is the struggle to unravel the truth, and I didn't get that here. It also felt like the stakes were low, and that sucked some of the tension out of the climax. Finally, it's worth a mention that this movie's score should probably go on an all-time worst list. It is almost all composed of one tune played on a zither again and again to the point where I wanted to scream. It becomes downright oppressive to the point where I dread the next break in the action because I know that music is coming. Aside from this frustration I'll admit The Third Man is well-made, and probably deserving of all the critical praise, but it was only OK for me.

Les E (us) wrote: Mediocre at best. Crawford was OK and the story bordering on tedious.

Daniel H (kr) wrote: Definitely better than 5 and Resurrection. It's underrated, but nowhere close to that good. I thought they did good with Michael because he's extremely brutal in this one, it's also very dark. Having Donald in it definitely helped make it better too.