Aquí Entre Nos

Aquí Entre Nos

Tired of being taken for granted by his wife and 3 daughters, Rodolfo Guerra wakes up one morning and decides not to go to work. Then the craziness begins.

Rodolfo Guerra, father of three daughters, wakes up one morning and decides he will not go to work; he is tired of being mistreated by his wife. In that one day in which the family routine is broken, Rodolfo opens his eyes and realizes that he is a perfect stranger in his own home. Rodolfo knows that he is risking his job, yet he still takes the time to put the puzzle pieces together to discover many unknown truths that are present among his daily life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mira Mohd S (nl) wrote: another heartwarming tale from the house of Vidhu Vinod Chopra..a benchmark for light heart clean family entertainers..

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Marta R (de) wrote: This film does make you feel very uncomfortable, and asking why does the female lead act this way, shouldn't she know better? Made me wonder a lot about parenting skills... especially just listening to your children.

Edward B (de) wrote: One of my favorite movies. So enjoyable.

Paul D (fr) wrote: Australian film-makers often make quirky-funny films like this one. An offbeat plot but one that entertains and provides some good laughs.

Bridgett D (kr) wrote: I loved this as a kid and now my nephews love it!!

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