Ara is the story of four people and an empty house. These people are stuck between their past and stormy relationships, between Istanbul and the "homes" they can't get back, between their ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ara torrent reviews

WS W (ag) wrote: I prefer it focusing back to that corny spy story line alone.

c d (mx) wrote: Un bon film qubcois qui mrite ses honneurs et ses prix. Olivier Gourmet et Paul Ahmarani sont excellents, les rebondissements sont naturellement intgrs et aident former un film original.

Sui G (au) wrote: Uhm...even though this movie was so, so, so long, the ending was the only good part I thought. They got together. It was worth the one time I saw it.

Donna H (de) wrote: "You don't have to be a rock star to feel like one"Entertaining movie. I quite enjoyed it.

GREEKDOWNLOAD D (ru) wrote: it has violence and support U.S.A.

Frank H (au) wrote: i choose 0 stars. but i really have to choose .5 because if i don't select it, it'll say no rating. bUT really i do have a rating. IT"S ZILCH. this movie sucked. shouldn't have even been a straight to dvd or tv movie. i was dragged to it more or less. me and nick were both, and we were about to cap ourselves in the head. we just got done with fracture which WAS good. not this p.o.s.

Leon B (ru) wrote: State Of Grace is not only a good movie with a good cast but is also a slick New York gangster movie that puts Cops and Criminals in the same situation. I would like to say the performance by Gary Oldman is praised.

Nico S (fr) wrote: The story of Frank Abagnale Jr. is very interesting, and with Spielberg's style and craftsmanship, he creates a fun movie with layered characters performed to perfection by DiCaprio and Hanks.

James M (ca) wrote: An 80's version of The Graduate, but nowhere near as good.

Petter F (it) wrote: Rock Hudson aka mr SLEAZY

Sean C (mx) wrote: I had no idea the Civil War was so "swell."

Bryan M (ru) wrote: Fred "The Hammer" Williamson's best performance. Gritty NYC footage from early 70's and soundtrack by James Brown make this one of my fave blaxploitation flicks.