This is the tragicomic story of two lovers who cannot ever get together.

This is the tragicomic story of two lovers who cannot ever get together. Sener is the son of a simple family in the village and he is in love with the village headman's daughter Mujde. Kaya... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bob R (it) wrote: crass, turgid hopeless mess of a 'comedy'

Carla C (gb) wrote: gives a wonder and insightful look into what happened in the black metal scene from those who knew it best. very informative. big warning to those that don't like black metal; do not watch! very much an interest only movie.

Kendall I (ru) wrote: Not only is it a horror, but it is psychological and romantic from the mind of Lucky McKee. PLOT:Roman (Lucky McKee) is a recluse. He doesn't own a TV, lives in an apartment, welds for his job, and drinks beer. He has been watching this girl (Kristen Bell) walk home from work to her apartment everyday at 5:32. One day, he actually has an interesting conversation that leads up to a dinner date. After a passionate kiss at his apartment, Roman starts getting obsessed and unctrollable with his obsession. Trying to rape the girl, he smothers her and kills her. He doesn't want to let go, so he does things to remind him of her and keeps her corpse preserved under ice in his bathtub. About this time, another girl (Nectar Rose) jumps into his life and starts to convine him to like her and interfere with his and the other girl's "relationship", but this girl is different. It's a very interesting horror plot, and is executed brilliantly. ACTING:The acting is actually pretty great for an indie fim like this. McKee is great. I can relate to his obsession and problems with relationships, as twisted asi t may be. Now, I wouldn't go as far as to rape someone, but still. Bell is decent and Rose is pretty good. McKee is the shiner of this, as he should be. SCORE:Most of the score is unlikeable indie songs, but there are times where it's regualr score that captures feelings. There isn't a lot of score, but what there is, is good. EFFECTS:The effects are pretty shitty. The body parts you can tell are just props. But there are so little, that it really doesn't matter. OTHER CONTENT:The movie had a strong undertone of psychological horror, as it touched upon why we are scared of certain things that others find beautiful and why we don't find certain things beautiful that certain people do. In this case, death. The romantic tinge is cool too. I can feel my heart tug when the end scene approaches. But even after all of the horror, psychology, and romance, the movie is pretty uneventful and boring. It's like everyday life of a manslaughter killer. I guess it all depends on the person. OVERALL, a good psychological horror with a brilliantly executed plot, decent acting, indie soundtrack and good little score, crappy effects, a strong psychological effect, romantic feelings, and sometimes boring moments.

Robert I (nl) wrote: If you smoke weed, you are going to love this movie. For everyone else, this is a tragic waste of talent. Very early film featuring a very talented cast. Sadly they are desperately in need of better material. As creative as some sequences are, the structure of the film is far too formulaic. Dark moments mean nothing if they are the same thing in every movie. Any originality the film has isn't handled enough to actually be funny. Still, if you like the actors, you may be forgiven for watching this.

Daniel C (ca) wrote: Hilarious in some cases but gets boring right after. Not close to Spielbergs worst but near there. Poor acting and bad story leads to a terrible film.

Stuart K (mx) wrote: Written and directed by Mike Leigh, who is best known for dark and realistic kitchen sink dramas, he does a biopic, not the first time he's done one, he did Gilbert and Sullivan with Topsy-Turvy (1999), here, he takes on the life of landscape painter J. M. W. Turner. Something like that might have come across as boring, but it has some brilliant performances and some beautiful cinematography. The film focuses on the last 25 years of the life and times of Joseph Mallord William Turner (Timothy Spall), renowned painter and a bit of an eccentric. He has a close relationship with his father William (Paul Jesson), who helps sell Turner's paintings to high bidders, and he has a on-off relationship with his housekeeper Hannah Danby (Dorothy Atkinson). But after visiting Margate to paint seascapes, he becomes a regular visitor of a boarding house owned by Sophia Booth (Marion Bailey), and Turner becomes infatuated with Sophia, and they become lovers after her husband dies, but Turner's work starts to suffer. It's a very well made film, maybe a tad overlong, but it's worth it for the lead performance by Timothy Spall, who relishes the role, and plays the gruff eccentric card in his favour, and its a powerhouse performance, (Spall learnt to paint over 4 years to an expert level), and Leigh keeps it focused on Turner and the people he encountered.

Conrad T (ru) wrote: The only exit to robbing the mob was death. Bad example to youngsters.

Deborah Bing Bing W (fr) wrote: Very good hope to see follow up movies.