Arabian Adventure

Arabian Adventure

An evil caliph (Christopher Lee) offers his daughter’s hand in marriage to a prince if he can complete a perilous quest for a magical rose. Helped by a young boy and a magic carpet, Prince Hasan (Oliver Tobias), has to overcome genies, fire breathing monsters and treacherous swamps to reach his prize and claim the hand of the Princess Zuleira (Emma Samms).

An evil magician seeks to gain power by obtaining a magic rose. A peasant boy and a prince join forces to stop him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andreia C (gb) wrote: I really didn't know what I was seeing. But it was entertaining enough.Positives: Got to know John Boyega before the new Star Wars, good dark humour.Negatives: Those aliens were weird.

Chasity M (fr) wrote: Felicity Huffman is the only good thing about this movie... Lindsey Lohan playing herself... wow what a stretch

David S (ru) wrote: How much you like this film depends on how much you like Reece Witherspoon. Her character can be quite annoying here but I suppose that's the point. You grow to like her as Ruffalo does. The film plays a little like 'Ghost Town' and 'Cardiac Arrest' but will a little twist this time as the two souls are obviously destined to fall in love. The whole thing is very sweet and Ruffalo and Witherspoon make a nice couple. If you want a sweet romantic comedy you'll probably like this. However it may be a bit sickly for some.

Jessica H (nl) wrote: Not only was I not blown away by the action,but there was a lack of thrills and no chills. These actors deserve more then this empty film.

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Lauren B (br) wrote: ahh this movie is soo funny! we always watch it 1nce a year at our cabin! lol

gaddo g (ru) wrote: pesantuccio ma valido

Esai T (de) wrote: Never in my life have I regretted something so much as watching this movie.

Josh F (it) wrote: Impressive for a student film in '73.

Zach M (us) wrote: A Japanese Iron Man that really plays out like a manga gundam movie.Not very interesting and is very boring.I just can't get into Marvel as an anime movie. It just doesn't work for me.

Ulla D (gb) wrote: The book was better and explained more. The movie itself, from a cinematic perspective was really well done. Read the book if you haven't done so and have/want to see this movie. Saw it with Mom (who's read the book too) and Dad (who hasn't read the book) and we had to stop and explain things to him.

Ella T (it) wrote: It was the best scooby doo movie ever

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