Giant albino spiders break free from the depths of Earth in New Orleans, making everyone’s worst nightmare a reality.

An earthquake triggers a giant spider attack on the city of New Orleans. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Arachnoquake torrent reviews

Lynette L (fr) wrote: In the tradition of good Australian movies, these are real people, not drug addicted sex maniacs or murderers ( as in so many movies today) I thought this movie was great fun. It was a simple story, but like other Working Dog movies had a great underlying humor. I enjoyed the characters and thought it was well cast and well acted. If you are a Gen Y or have Gen Y kids you'll find this movie very entertaining. Don't be turned off by the critics. This movie is good fun!

Pierrick L (mx) wrote: Scream 10ans plus tard a donne Hack! (ou Fanatique pour la France). Le film fait rfrence au genre chaque minute et quand il le parodie il ne le fait pas avec la prtention qui tait prsente chez le tandem Craven/Williamson. Un slasher sympa dans une poque o le survival est devenu la seule rfrence du film d'horreur.

Scott G (it) wrote: A touching movie about accidentally finding somebody you did not know you wanted with an interesting sub-plot about how the LDS church deals with it's gay members. Supporting stars Joseph Gordon Leavitt and Jacquelin Bisset turn in great performances. It is interesting that they one of the reviews they are using to score this movie was done by the Dessert News, which is fully owned by the LDS church. No surprise then that that publication would have given it a bad review.

Justin H (ag) wrote: Oh gods, I'm not sure which was worse: Jesse Ventura's acting, or his monologues. x_x "Abraxas" is a pretty mindless popcorn action flick, with a few memorable lines when they're actually intelligible. It's almost worth it just to hear Ventura utter the line: "My box has VD." Suffice it to say, there's ample riffing material here for those who are into that sort of thing, but most other people won't find much to enjoy.

Michael L (br) wrote: this fall...the anti-union labor chiefs are going to kill bill. you didnt think unionizing would be that easy, did you? for a second there...yeah. i did. kill bill references aside, not a bad movie and suprisingly, not overly long. a bit underwhelming as was the trend with the 70s protest film

Nicholas B (mx) wrote: the black exorcist. you'd think THAT ALONE would make this a blockbuster hit. well hello motherfuckers, you're wrong. still pretty fucking funny though.

Tamach E (br) wrote: A film featuring Newman and his wife Woodward, this one was entertaining and emotionally charged.

Denislav R (fr) wrote: If there is a movie I love and hate at the same time, it's this one.The movie DOES have a predictable plot. A very predictable to be honest. But it makes up for that with literally everything else. The effects are incredibly good. The soundtrack is as close to perfect as it can get. The tone is so... chilling. I hate this movie. I really do. And I love it. It's easily one of my favourites.I don't know if I am angry with Ava or with Caleb. Probably both. It's an incredible movie I hate from the bottom of my hearth and will forever be one of my favourites.

Alan V (ru) wrote: Simple but affecting.