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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Kannada
  • Reference:Imdb
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Arakshaka torrent reviews

Jenn M (kr) wrote: I'm halfway through and am confused as to what exactly this is supposed to be about.....It'd all over the place, I can't even make sense of it

Holly E (gb) wrote: Loved the resulting humanity of this movie between Kristen Stewart and Payman Maadi's characters. It shows that compassion can conquer all. Love it!

Nick P (fr) wrote: The best part was the 2 minutes that Jemaine Clement was in. Everything else in the film just seemed very unoriginal and not very funny at all. It is none-the-less......watchable.

Catherine D (us) wrote: A touching film, although I am boggled by the meaning behind Kayo saying on her deathbed that she wanted her husband in this world and not the next, causing Teru-bei to collapse in tears. I don't get that. Overall, a moving masterpiece. When it comes to dramatic, emotional films, the Japanese really go all the way. Sheesh! The floodgates were wide open when I watched this movie.

JamesEthan L (it) wrote: This film has artistic focus: with great atmosphere, sound, dialogue, and landscape. The main character suffers from tinnitus, which is the catalyst for the film's auditory details, intensifying the sounds that encase our daily lives. Just don't go into it hoping for resolution. The plot is disjointed, and the conflicts are left unanswered and elusive, which leaves you with intentional unrest.

3568 C (jp) wrote: Too good to be called garbage, too many cliches (especially the 1990's love of the moral white man finally empowering newly freed slaves) to be called good.

Gimly M (jp) wrote: Dom Hemingway as a movie has far too little going on, but Dom Hemingway the character (as played by Jude Law) is great. It's a shame he is so under-explored.

Sean L (mx) wrote: At this point, who really cares about continuity, I guess. Jason's survived being blown to bits by a SWAT team, boiled in toxic waste, drug to hell by demons and disintegrated in the atmosphere. Freddy's been crushed, impaled, pipe bombed, stripped of his powers and forgotten. It isn't the first time we've set aside preceding stories for the sake of the next one, and in this case it's given a pass for the sake of a titular clash of legends. Only they don't actually clash until the final twenty minutes, and even then it's a bit underwhelming. Their heavyweight brawls deliver a few brief moments of awesome, but there's always something restraining these monsters, holding them back from really cutting loose, and the big climax is predictably open-ended. In keeping with both franchises, most of our story revolves around a tribe of empty-minded teens. Slowly, prophetically unraveling the plot, their numbers are whittled down until a pair of strong-willed survivors finally decide to fight back. The greater saga is a bit over-reaching, introducing and abandoning several pointless subplots, but it does a fair enough job of intertwining two distinct franchises and granting legitimate reasons for Freddy and Jason to cooperate and, later, throw down. It's trashy fun, loaded up with fan service and gruesome killings. Big and dumb and cringe-worthy, spiritually compatible with both legacies, and basically all it needed to be. I've seen much worse.

Bryan C (fr) wrote: Even though I didn't follow everything that was happening from a financial perspective, it was a tense and absorbing look at a firm on the brink in the financial crisis.Grade: B+

Sreyya G (us) wrote: 'listen to inner you'

Chris D (ru) wrote: An intense, sci-fi emotional roller coaster! Loved it.

Morgan W (de) wrote: i like the first one from the 50s but the 80s remake is gross. this may be more graphic.

Philip A (kr) wrote: Simply put: The greatest movie ever made. Acting, scenary, story, music, everything was flawless. I only wish it was even longer.

ANDERSON G (de) wrote: "Barry Lyndon" is one of those movies that reminds us why Stanley Kubrick's what it is, let's start at the weak point of the film, the script is well encaixadinho but contains some holes off the pace at times are lost, though their actions are well defined, and the actions that do not excite although not bad, but the picture of this film is undoubtedly one of the best of Kubrick and consequently the film, scenes recorded without artificial lighting are of a beauty and reality are south reais, the costumes and screen elements are also incredible, rich in detail and takes us directly to the time, perfect, along with all the scene compositions that are really a work of art, zoom them in and out that Kubrick uses all the time is to show us the scene of perfection, this is quite typical in his films, but this is phenomenal, if you pause the movie at any time, you can capture the screen and send frame and put on the wall of your home the aesthetic beauty along with the details and compositions of all scenes are something I can not put into words, the soundtrack does not stand out much, but when it appears is fundamental and guides the tone of the film, "Barry Lyndon" is beautiful , magnificent and triumphant in their technical questions that show all that famous obsession with Kubrick for detail, the three-hour film are a bit unnecessary, the script extends beyond what is proposed, but it is good to have more time to admire the beauty of the movie.

Gordon R (fr) wrote: Bank robbers become media darlings in this uneven comedy drama.

Sam M (gb) wrote: My problem with "tigerland" is it tries to be like the great war movies like "apocalypse now" and "full metal jacket" too much. They tried to make it like those by filling it with language EVEN MORE than the great war movies did. They filled It with anger that you could totally tell was acting. and they tried to make colin farrell seem like matthew modine in "full metal jacket" and charlie sheen in "platoon" when in fact he wasn't in the least bit. if I was Stanley Kubrick (full metal jacket), francis ford coppola (apocalypse now) or oliver stone (platoon) I would sue the director (whoever he is) for trying to rip me off. a 1/5 for me

007 W (de) wrote: X men apocalypse is a disaster, I was extremely disappointed with this movie, the effects suck, the story sucked the characters and acting suck, the tone is inconsistent, and the dialogue sucked