Aranmanai is about a family that wants to sell their ancestral home. The supernatural elements they discover there in the aranmanai (palace) lead to some bone-chilling moments.

A large family returns to an ancestral property (palace) to sell it off. Meanwhile they discover some supernatural elements in the palace. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Brendan D (nl) wrote: Looks typical spoiled keen trash. As scene in a high school. Ugh. And do they take their precious cell phones too ugh.

Aron F (ru) wrote: Good companion to his book.

Alexander R (it) wrote: Here is a mix of great acting and poor plot. Manufactured emotion is rife in Stepmom, making each turn of this overly long affair predictable. It's really too bad, because on a scene by scene basis Stepmom is great, but as it stands the film is pandering and ponderous. Removing some of the more contrived aspects of this film, and editting down heavily, could have saved this film.

Joshua L (kr) wrote: I really liked this film, Real cool!

Afal S (ca) wrote: It's a shame this film scores so low- don't be put off by its 'TV-ness'. Yes it is slow-burning, the screenplay is at times amateurish and stilted, and the film is plagued by low production values (particularly the cheaply thrown in, laughable SFX at the end!), but there is a smaller film inside the big, slightly dumb NASA-based project and it hinges, as so many other films do, on Martin Sheen's jaded former astronaut, Col. Paul Andrews. Thank god Sheen drives this at times rudderless, stodgy film with a performance straight out of his top drawer. His jaded, drunk ex-officer seems an older, wiser, and sadder version of his Captain Willard (from Apocalypse Now). With Sheen's performance, ably supported by a star-studded cast including a very fresh-faced Christian Slater, and shorn of its dodgy sci fi packaging, Beyond the Stars shows a very humanistic story about worldy disenchantment and failure palliated by a liberal hope for youth and the future. It isn't surprising that Sheen is at his best here since the film's message is so consistent with his own personal beliefs and lifetime commitments. But it shouldn't be forgotten that David 'Cocoon' Saperstein deserves credit as he wrote the story, which is so off-beat and original- it's just a shame he couldn't seem more able to turn it into a screenplay or direct it.

Ger M (nl) wrote: keep meaning to see it

Ps G (au) wrote: Clever combination between the characters.

Hugo S (br) wrote: Damn good thriller. It's pretty clever how everything unfolds, and with also all those twists and turns, it's hard to guess how it's going to end. Brilliant debut for Louis Malle.

Johan A (jp) wrote: Omistlig film om man gillar gamla amerikanska komedier. Dessutom historiskt intressant nr det gller synen p amerikanska inbrdeskriget och svarta i sdern. Will Rogers r perfekt i huvudrollen som den svlige domaren i en liten hla dr minnet av inbrdeskriget vrdas mt, och trots att de fr hlla sig till grova stereotyper s r ven de svarta birollsskdisrna vldigt bra.