A first film made of the 1949 March deportation of Estonian people to Siberia by Soviet Secret Police NKVD. During couple of days and nights nearly 21 thousand people, mostly women and ...

A first film made of the 1949 March deportation of Estonian people to Siberia by Soviet Secret Police NKVD. During couple of days and nights nearly 21 thousand people, mostly women and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Äratus torrent reviews

Arun G (kr) wrote: The movie steadily heads downhill once the big reveal is made. The director underutilizes talents like Naomi Watts and Jacob Tremblay by handing them poorly written characters. (1.5/5)

Lisa B (us) wrote: in honor of mirren being voted sexiest body in london!

Luis A (fr) wrote: Intersting movie, cause the main is in the ideas, not the action itself. But i was expecting more...

Nicolas M (us) wrote: Vraiment toujours aussi sympa cette petite comdie... C'est frais, insouciant, plein de bonne humeur et de bons sentiments sans tomber dans une mivrerie exagre. Il y a mme quelques performances (discrtes) d'acteur vraiment justes o les monos sont un peu dpasss par les vnements et dcontenancs par la franchise des gamins dont ils ont la charge. On passe vraiment un bon moment, un peu nostalgiques de notre enfance qui ne s'est gnralement pourtant pas pass aussi bien.

Bruce B (kr) wrote: A awesome film. When I first picked up this film from a pawnshop I put it on my watch someday stack. Well a few weeks ago it came to the top of the pile and I still put watching this movie off. Boy am I sorry. David Duchovny score big on his first attempt to write a movie. The story really hit home. Pretty much David who plays Tom Warshaw, tells his story of when he turned 13. Nothing can be said about the cast that would do it justice. Anton Yelchin who played Tommy did a stellar performance. Erykah Badu who played Lady was a true life character. And of course Robin Williams fits the role of a mentally handicap person not a hard role for him to play. What amazed me was The Title House of D, and The Writer David Duchovny having the initials DD. 5 stars no less.

RA L (kr) wrote: BIG SCREEN. Ser sentimental y todo, pero es una maravilla. Aparte de uno que otro dilogo, esta pelcula es un modelo de comedia melodramtica. / May be sentimental and all, but this a marvel. Aside from a few dialogue segments, this movie is a model for melodramatic comedies.

Krisspics M (kr) wrote: Second time I see It and ... Still boring but with good images.

Heather F (mx) wrote: "Spaulding... Spaulding, mon! You're in too deep! I haven't tested those waters yet..."

James M (br) wrote: A psychotic lone gunman sets his sniper crosshairs on the crowd of a championship American Football game at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in this thriller from the 1970's.Like all disaster flicks from around the same era, the build up consists of soap opera melodramatics as various characters are introduced, bearing no consequence to the plot except to build tension.Perched above the scoreboard, the assassin picks out his victims through his sights as the big game unfolds on the pitch, while the LAPD & SWAT, aware of his presence, arm wrestle for control of the situation before the maniac begins opening fire.When the gunfire finally does commence, the ensuing terror and panic causes more harm than the whizzing bullets as thousands of spectators flee for their lives, making for a dramatic, but rather anticlimactic finale when neither the gunman, nor his motives are explained.It's a very well made thriller from a filmmaking standpoint, but it's the sort of film that will either keep you gripped from start to finish or make you fall asleep due to the build up which seems to drag on for eons.

Bloodmarsh K (ca) wrote: Davies does a fine job as Manson, but I'm simply not interested in Manson or his dimwitted hippy followers enough, to give ''Helter Skelter'' a fresh rating.

Derek J (es) wrote: My girlfriend now counts Sturges among her favorites. Anyone who sees a real kinship between him and the Coen brothers couldn't scratch the surface off an M&M. There's a difference between dramatic irony and cool disdain.

Matthew H (gb) wrote: Predictable, but much better than 12 ! Switch off and enjoy.