Greta's dad Tom is moving the family cross-country in a dented station wagon, promising a California paradise to his kids. All that's missing is Mom.

Greta's dad Tom is moving the family cross-country in a dented station wagon, promising a California paradise to his kids. All that's missing is Mom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Arcadia torrent reviews

Jacob James N (it) wrote: Worst Movie Ever Made What a piece of shit. Thanks Tosh for the laughs

William (it) wrote: This is a strange movie, but I liked it. It is so political, yet covers no political stands and is a serious movie, yet has a good and odd-ball sense of comedy; it's all over the page, but in a good way. It's about a woman that has a child with Stalin; possibly. I liked this movie, but it's odd, but in a good way.

Tor M (ca) wrote: A dark comedy that's both fun and quite tension filled. Not everything is clear or explained, but it doesn't need to be. I felt his latest film, "Borgman" was a whole lot weirder, but this got it's moments too. It got a butcher like "De Grnne Slagtere" or "Delicatessen" and a fairy tale-theme included like a Grimm story. This imaginative film is surrealistic and bizarre. Not especially graphic but some scenes may seem a bit raw for some people.The mentioned butcher is one of the many main characters, and I like them all a whole lot. His wife, his kid, the flashing girl, the police man and the postman to name a few. They are all great. And oh, the scooter guy, he's super cool.8 out of 10 screaming girls on bikes.

Shonna N (jp) wrote: It's hard to imagine the man who introduced the world to Lord of the Rings, could've ever come up with this twisted movie. Peter Jackson was on the road to being one of the worlds greatest visionaries. But, before he was ever noticed - this terrible B rated horror sci-fi flick was the beginning of it all. Although with it being incredibly cheesy, Peter Jackson still shows imagination and creativity throughout the movie. For example; having no plot, yet making up for it in gruesome effects. No cast, yet brings in family and friends. Having no body doubles, yet uses himself at unsuspecting times to allude viewers into thinking it's another actor. All around I don't regret watching it. There were moments that I laughed until I cried. This is a wonderful disaster.

Terri H (mx) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested.

Randy T (ag) wrote: For low budget sci-fi schlock this isn't half bad. Sort of a cross between Blade Runner and I, Robot with a little bit of Bicentennial Man thrown in for good measure.

Four Star F (it) wrote: Directed by John Ford and starring a cast including Henry Fonda, Linda Darnell, Victor Mature, Walter Brennan, and Ward Bond, the film retells the story of the gunfight at the O.K. Coral. Wyatt Earp (Fonda) is herding cattle with his brothers near the town of Tombstone. However, his youngest brother is killed and the cattle are stolen. From that point on Earp becomes Marshall and encounters a gruff old man with his sons, a fiery song girl, the complex Doc Holiday, and Doc's former lover Clementine. As Marshall, Earp has his share of conflicts but the town slowly begins to improve. However, the Clanton's lash out and thus starts the legendary gunfight at the O.K. Coral. This is a classic western, with a host of good characters, memorable scenery, and Henry Fonda in a solid leading performance. John Ford proved once again that he knew how to make a western.

Sarah A (au) wrote: Good story, but it could have used more drama and emotion, and especially more Ronald Reagan! I was sad his part was so small.

Tim S (br) wrote: Don't Go in the House appears on the outside as a dark and disturbing horror film. You can't really tell much of what it's about on the cover (not the cover that Flixster is using, by the way), but it's intriguing nonetheless. What it winds up being is an exercise in patience more than anything. It does have an interesting premise: a grown man's mother dies and he loses his mind when he is reminded of the horrible abuse he went through at her hands so he begins kidnapping women and killing them. It actually feels like an echo of Psycho, more than it's willing to admit (especially since he keeps his decomposing mother in the house). The difference here is that Norman Bates appeared to be a sweet man, but you can tell subtely that something is wrong underneath. In this film, Donny is clearly disturbed and crazy on the surface from the very beginning. The kills also are kind of lame; he just uses a flamethrower on everybody, including a priest. The performances are pretty good, and there's a scene containing nudity, but overall it's only a mediocre affair. It's definitely worth a watch, but you'll probably forget about it once you've seen it.

Al M (gb) wrote: Proxy is a bold movie because it is one of those rare films that makes a drastic turn only half way (or less) into the film--think of how Hitchcock shifts our expectations in Psycho. Unfortunately, things slow down after the turn. The beginning of the film is brutal, insane, and unpredictable, but the film's second half slows things down and becomes less interesting. Still, Proxy demonstrates genuine talent and is a twisted ride you won't forget.

EWC o (kr) wrote: Awesome acting, though the final shootout is anticlimactic and the dubbing can throw you off. The action scenes are intense

Jesse O (ru) wrote: I remember reviewing the second Open Season ages ago. It seems like it was so long ago, almost like a lifetime ago, but it was only in 2009. That is seven years ago, but it really doesn't feel that long. Anyway, the point is that I remember not liking that movie, outside of a funny character. So, really, I don't even know why I bothered watching this. But, if I'm being completely honest, this isn't that bad of a movie. I mean it's not good and the rating will probably suggest that I thought this was a bad movie, but it's one of those bad movies that you don't really mind watching nor are you really hating any moment of it. It's just a bad movie that you watch and you get over it the moment it's offer. I don't know if that really makes a whole bunch of sense, but it does in mind and that's what matters. I will say that there's some lame humor here, like there's poop and booger jokes that feel as uninspired and lazy as anything you have ever seen in a CGi movie. But there's also some inspired bits here. Well, really, there's ONE inspired bit and that is the musical segment with Mr. Weenie lamenting the fact that he's the werewolf that everyone is looking for. Realistically speaking, this is probably the best part of the movie. I was entertained by that scene. Everything else is a little lackluster. Elliot is kind of an unlikable character at times, they used those aspects of the character to make him seem 'entertaining', but sometimes he's really insufferable, like taking everyone on this journey to find this werewolf that doesn't exist and trying to change the evidence he finds, or lack of evidence, in his favor and how the werewolf is really just trying to outwit them. So, really, the character was a little annoying. I have no real recollection of how Elliot was in the previous Open Season films I saw, but I imagine it was pretty much more of the same without very little in the way of variation. And that's not really much of a problem, these direct-to-video CGi films, especially sequels, aren't really made to show growth and progression in their already established characters. They're just churned out for parents to have something that's 'clean' and inoffensive that they can just drop their child in front of their tv without having to worry. I don't know if this is necessarily all that clean with the poop and booger jokes, but I'm not a parent so I don't really care about any of that shit. The voice acting is not particularly good. I mean it's serviceable, at best, but it's nothing worth writing home about. There's no standout performances or anything. The animation is even worse. Though, of course, they were working with considerably less resources, being a direct-to-DVD affair, than Sony Animation's big screen affairs, but there's no real life to any of what you see on-screen. There's no real detail or effort put into the characters, like Ed and Edna are horrifyingly designed. The environments are just there because they're needed. It's just no good at all. While animation is super essential, it's not really as essential as a good story with entertaining characters. Having both is important, but if I had to pick between a beautifully animated movie with an empty story or a substandard animated movie with a great story, then I'd go with the latter. You don't need beautiful animation to relate to well-written characters or identify with its story. This movie has neither of those, of course, but I'm just throwing that out there. Anyway, technically speaking, this isn't a very good movie. But it's a movie that I didn't really hate watching. I just didn't get anything from it, it didn't make me pull my hair out or scream out in anger. So that is some sort of progress I guess. It's fine for kids, if that's what you care about in these types of films.

Jane T (ca) wrote: Just a great movie. really appealing