Arch of Triumph

Arch of Triumph

Based on the novel Arch of Triumph from Erich Maria Remarque.

Illegal refugees lead dark lives in pre-World War II Paris. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Arch of Triumph torrent reviews

Aubrey T (it) wrote: A documentary on the often forgot, animals of Hurricane Katrina and their struggle. Very well done; great way to draw attention to those that don't always get the attention they need. Yet it saddens me, all the truths that the film reveals, both of which I did and didn't know about.

Paul C (gb) wrote: Simple, little slow and dark at first, quickly teens very charming

Rod G (au) wrote: Al ofrecer una trama muy alejada de "Peter Pan", sus nuevos personajes, imaginacin y humor hacen de "Tinker Bell" una nueva franquicia que encanta a las nias y tambin logra llamar la atencin de la audiencia masculina, obviamente por el atractivo de su protagonista.

Jamie B (ru) wrote: Sad and tragic and all the feels.

Max M (us) wrote: I hate real life talking animal movies! lol C-

Michelle C (mx) wrote: Ryan Reynolds brigs the only humor, where all the other attempts fall flat. The script and pacing is very uneven, making the movie feel like 30 mins too long. I like the idea behind the story, but the implementation just fell short.

Thomas A (es) wrote: A very touching, inspiring documentary chronicling the lives of Sudanese refugees in USA. The great thing about the movie is the scope of time and dedication needed to make it happen: over several years in two different continents..

myspacecomgreysgirl r (de) wrote: good movie about witness protection

TheScarlatescu R (es) wrote: great movie, and Linda is great

Dave J (jp) wrote: Friday, January 28, 2011 (2004) The Nun HORROR Low budget type of storyline which involves a sadistic nun who used to do a bunch of terrible things to her students, suddenly the story jumps to the present with unexplained deaths happening with those same students but had grown older! Twists and turns and an ending that doesn't make a whole lot of sense! Interesting idea which eventually loses steam and credibility as film progresses! 2 out of 4

Iain B (ru) wrote: I have still to see a decent Australian film

Maren W (kr) wrote: Recommended for preservation nerds!

Kyle M (us) wrote: The amount of money they used to make this could have been used for something useful. You could feed the poor or help the homeless but instead they wasted all that precious money on a soul-less, CGI, boring, incoherent, clusterfuck of a thing that spends more time showing off the human body, scat humour, racism and wanking off the US military than actually being a good adaptation of the Transformers. Fuck this movie and fuck Michael Bay. Asshole.