Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again

Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again

The classic comic book characters created by John L. Goldwater are brought to tv in a slightly older version. Here the characters are adults returning to their high school reunion and ...

The classic comic book characters created by John L. Goldwater are brought to tv in a slightly older version. Here the characters are adults returning to their high school reunion and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Archie: To Riverdale and Back Again torrent reviews

Denise P (nl) wrote: Oculus has some shocking surprises, but it shamelessly wastes them on an endless mind game that fails to provide depth to its one-dimensional inanimate antagonist or a coherent backstory for the movie's shallow screenplay to make for a worthy entry into the extant horror genre, and it is more likely to leave you feeling irritated rather than creeped out on your way out of the theater.

Alexander Z (us) wrote: Is this the worst narrator or what? His voice is completely monotone, his insights are basic, and he focuses entirely too much on himself. The documentary is supposed to be about the subject, not the documentarian. Some of the interviews, when you get past all the fanboys, are interesting and provide understanding of the world of syndicated comics, but when it comes to talking about the strip itself, there is absolutely nothing new brought to the table, and it just devolves into a public forum for people to suck Watterson's dick, and talk about how he didn't sell out. Like we haven't done that enough already.I love the strip too. I'm not going to make a movie showing myself telling the world I love it. Fuck this guy and his ego.

FilmGrinder S (mx) wrote: I didn't like it as much as WALKABOUT, but worth a watch.

Holly G (au) wrote: Cute and fun. Though I did wonder why Angela was able to catch on while Douglas missed everything.Christina Milian is so pretty. And I love that they make her a half-black, half-Italian woman living in Brooklyn with a thick Long Island accent.And of course the best/worst part of the film: Lorraine Bracco as mama Milian.

Rafael B (au) wrote: the acting sucks but the plot and the dialogue is amazingly written

Ernest K (us) wrote: Fun if you like the comics.

Tuuli T (nl) wrote: I really like the colors of this film.

Zach P (mx) wrote: Almost famous without a point

Jay G (ag) wrote: Excellent as a reflection of the attitude toward AIDS during the late 80's and early 90's. Goes light on the fear and fatalism that the scourge had on our community and emphasizes the support that was provided by partners and close friends.

Erich R (de) wrote: Catholic boys in the Age of Discipline - at its contemporary height just before everything changed with Vatican 2.Pitch perfect cast, and brilliant pre-Entourage Dillon playing the same character all these years earlier.The 60's were perhaps about the exposure of hypocrisy as much as anything Sutherland's decision - Brother Thadeus's decision to can a teacher - was it motivated by Brother Constance's having finally gone too far?...or by the realism behind Thadeus's realization that the near unanimous applause of the student body made any other choice impossible?...and/or did he sense how the times were a-changin'?

Yok Y (it) wrote: My favourite fairy tale....lovely soundtrack

Trill F (nl) wrote: No one can tell you that these aren't fun to watch.

Gary T (gb) wrote: This was obviously another attempt at a Paranormal Activity type of film. The CLAIM is that this film was supposed to be a compilation of real footage... I'm not too sure about that! LOL! If I were to look through the lens of this as a typical Hollywood spook film, I would agree that it is pretty bad. When looking through the lens as a Paranormal Activity clone, I felt that it in many ways it was a more interesting movie.