Archimède, le clochard

Archimède, le clochard

Bum Archimede wants to spend the winter in prison, but to get there proves not to be that easy.

Bum Archimede wants to spend the winter in prison, but to get their proves not to be that easy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Karthik S (jp) wrote: a disappointing ending still gets a lot of laughs. watch it for ranvir shorey. oh, and neha dhupia is H-O-T.

jai w (it) wrote: very heartwarming, charmful tale of crash, reality with few nice songs.

Dave R (us) wrote: Oh it was pretty funny movie I must say I had a good laugh for sure it was great

Roxanne R (br) wrote: Interesting that this film was written and directed by a woman..has a lot of symbolism, and basically revolves around a somewhat-romantic friendship between a heterosexual married man (Frederic) and a gay single guy named Hugo who is his neighbor. The dynamics between the men, more subtle and conversational than physical, allow us to learn more than if the issue of sex was raised quickly. The romance is not about sexual attraction, but the role people play in the life of the other that bring forth emotions. This is a rich film, combining philosophy with sensuality, whimsy with beauty. As a female viewer I have to confess that it will break my heart if my husband of so many years was to fall in love with a man considering the couple in this film had a life built together with children so I have mixed feelings about the storyline, but from the film making perspective, yes it was very good and its available on Netflix for instant viewing..

Nicholas W (it) wrote: On my favorite movies

Guilherme N (nl) wrote: Nice but inconsistent, unreasonable, almost senseless plot. Porky's reminiscences

Tim S (nl) wrote: Prisoners of the Lost Universe is another one of those bad movies that's just as bad as you've heard it to be. Sure there are plenty of laugh out loud moments, but overall, it's a pretty boring affair. I think I fell asleep on it a couple of times while watching it, which isn't a good thing. It does have some redeeming quality to it. First of all, it has John Saxon as the comically-evil villain, who's out to sleep with every woman he comes into contact with. It also has some questionable score and sound effects choices in it, the latter of which would have been more befitting for a Looney Tunes short. If you want to watch this for enjoyment puproses, then I recommend seeing the Rifftrax version which is much better than just the film alone.

Jake R (jp) wrote: Oi! Listen up all you awesome movies from the 70s I've never even heard of: You can't hide forever. I will find you and I will watch you and I will very much enjoy you!

Alex V (mx) wrote: Classic. Adoration for life.

Tara H (nl) wrote: This didn't get great reviews when it was released, but I think it's unfair. I suspect most critics simply didn't understand this piece of Southern Gothic. Though perhaps not an obvious choice as director, John Huston does a good job in adapting Carson McCullers' novel of sex and madness on a military base. Elizabeth Taylor is great as the callous Leonora, while Brando - although given to campy mannerisms - evokes the repressed homosexuality of her officer husband. Julie Harris, as an invalid wife, brings a contrasting gentleness into the mix. It's beautifully photographed and the sense of impending horror is always present.

bloodywhitetrap (us) wrote: another case of so bad its good to me this is not a karate kid rip off but rather a lazy bad acting and horribly shot film first can we get someone who looks at least a little bit more like Bruce Lee cmon and second the acting is god awful the only decent one in the bunch is the lead the only thing that to me makes the movie watchable is the fight scenes and the stupid moments that make me laugh its ok just look at as a comedy if you do that you will enjoy it

Bryan J (fr) wrote: This movie has a charm to it that few can claim. Though slow-moving in some parts, it has plenty enough going for it to keep you interested. If you're in the mood for a good story with a lot of laughs, be sure to check it out.