Patricia (Kate Fahy) and her two children, young adults Edward (Tom Hiddleston) and Cynthia (Lydia Leonard), arrive for a break at a holiday cottage. As rain and wind lash against the windows, Patricia grows exasperated at the absence of her husband, who remains an unheard voice on the phone. Good-natured Edward struggles to hide his angst at where his life is heading and assumes a fatherly role while becoming weirdly familiar with Rose (Amy Lloyd), the family’s hired cook. Cynthia, meanwhile, looms like a dark cloud and snaps and lashes out for no clear reason.

Deep fractures within a family dynamic begin to surface during a getaway to the Isles of Scilly. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amy B (us) wrote: Well done movie with a good plot that keeps you guessing. I enjoyed it.

Courtney K (br) wrote: so probably not necessarily a good movie... BUT because i wasn't giving it my full attention until about the very end, i didn't see the "twist" coming -- so that was good!

Claudia M (ru) wrote: One of the most complex movies, mixing love, heroism, pain and unexpected. Naturally, you will be touched and dragged by heartbreaking scenes, mixed feelings of confusion and desperation in front of life and human-love. 'Twice Born' successfully leaves a print in your heart in presenting relations at different stages: her-him , mother-son and war-nation. It is impossible to pause the storytelling, you would achieve to live past times, breathe, smile and cry through the characters without having a clue of what happened or what it will happen in the end. Living each moment at high intensity is not an option but rather a demand. After ' Twice Born' you might feel grateful for your life, love and freedom. Art can be found in all the scenes. For me Penelope Cruz and Emile Hirsch's acting was impeccable and sincere, they took drama at a whole new level where the unexpected becomes the most painful key element.

Gabriel C (mx) wrote: Funny, poignant and heartfelt, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World features a delightfully offbeat take on the apocalypse and charming performances from Steve Carell and Keira Knightley.

Nicholas J (es) wrote: So over the top, it's amazing to watch.

Zarinah H (br) wrote: "Late Marriage" is a Hebrew-language movie directed and written by Dover Kosashvilli. It focuses on Georgian Jewish immigrants in Israel who are still bound by old world traditions and where the young generation is still very much at the mercy of the older generation, especially in matters pertaining to marriage. Zaza [ Lior Ashkenazi] is a 31-year-old graduate student working towards his doctorate in philosophy. His parents are eager to see him married and worried that he will choose an unsuitable bride. So Zaza reluctantly goes along with their matchmaking efforts, whilst concealing the fact that he is in fact involved in a long-term affair with a divorced, single mom Judith [Ronit Elkabetz].Soon enough, things reach crisis point when his parents find out about Judith and rope in their close relatives to help them intervene and put a stop to the affair. The scene where they confront Judith is remarkable in revealing the true nature of some of the main characters. Ultimately, the question is: will Zaza stand up for his rights and protect the woman he truly loves, or will he meekly adhere to his parents' wishes?The acting was excellent all-round and truly portrayed how some traditional societies are still deeply mired in cultural practices that can be deemed rather out of date by contemporary standards. I could empathize with the situation because I myself had to endure similar intrusions in my personal life by 'well-meaning' relatives before ultimately marrying a man of my own choice. This story may seem a bit shocking to those who haven't experienced such heavy-handed interference in their lives, but I have to say that such things as matchmaking, and arranged marriages are not uncommon in very traditional societies [not just confined to Georgian Jews, but others such as conservative Indians etc]. For some such arranged marriages actually work out well, but many others still prefer to choose their own life partners.The actor portraying Zaza [Lior Ashkenazi] is convincing in his role as the amorous yet weak-willed lover, and Ronit Elkabetz is amazing as the much maligned Judith who displays remarkable courage and conviction towards the end. The chemistry between the two leads are credible and the sex scenes are quite graphic [both male and female nudity are portrayed] but I guess these scenes sort of serve to establish the immense sexual connection between the pair, though some parts just felt rather overdone to me.All in all, I felt this was a rather refreshing movie with its less commonly explored theme of arranged marriage, and it provides remarkable insights into a culture I was previously unfamiliar with.

Ed H (mx) wrote: A story of one night, comrade in action

Xolelwa N (br) wrote: okay this was mostly stupid and can't believe Neeson or Platt were in this. Had some funny bits but mostly a narrative-confused story

Anna W (us) wrote: if not purely to see Johnny Deppswattingat imaginary bats and imagining the carpet is evil.

Josef A (nl) wrote: I'm not sure exactly why a kickboxing champion would travel to Brazil with no-one but his old Thai master/coach/whatever (who dresses in various kinds of Chinese garb throughout the movie), befriend random kids on the street when they try to steal his stuff, or take it upon himself to take on organized crime. When Van Damme's unknown younger brother is sneaking around a crimelord's mansion in the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, shooting hoodlums with a submachine gun, you start wondering if it's even possible to make a sequel with a shakier connection to the original movie (parts 4 and 5 however, do prove that it is in fact possible).

Mary N (br) wrote: it was good but had a really dissapointing ending!

Daniel V (br) wrote: A portuguese only "cult movie". Seen hundreds of times and still laughing about the same jokes. A icone for several generations.

Tom H (br) wrote: This is actually a pretty good action movie. great fighting and decent plot.

Anders A (nl) wrote: Nightmarish dumb killingspree, without any Logic. Set in a twisted multiple schizofrenic mind. Probably a good idea in the book, though not on film.

Tommy D (au) wrote: Amazing cinemtography and one of the most original plots of the last decade make Looper a fantastic experience for SCi-Fi lovers.The way Bruce Willis (old Joe) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (young Joe) interact is a pleasure to watch.If wasn't for the flaws that a movie regarding time travel inevitably has, Looper would be oe of the best movies of its genere.