Arctic Kingdom: Life at the Edge

Arctic Kingdom: Life at the Edge


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Arctic Kingdom: Life at the Edge torrent reviews

Xander K (ag) wrote: This tapped into what made the original film so great. The fact that it was a short kept it from being a more special experience.

Facebook U (ag) wrote: I am partial to epic stories of ancient times. It brings to life legendary characters. It is sad that the works of Hypatia were mostly lost. The film depicts all religions and religious people as easily manipulated into murder by their fanatics. Not sure how accurate this can be. The early christians had a woman disciple of Jesus and a version of her gospels was discovered not too long ago. This might have been known in Hypatia times so their anti-female rhetoric may not be that accurate. Hypatia seems to have been better than depicted in the film as well.

Ashley A (gb) wrote: It's a meh film. A lot of senseless violence. The character doesn't seem to have a very clear goal and purpose, and neither does the antagonist.

Jeff P (kr) wrote: Decent family comedy

Trevor F (us) wrote: this movie was not funny, and it was the longest 90 minutes. maybe when it came out it was, but it does not hold up today.

Angela C (mx) wrote: not my favorite war movie, but fairly decent

Jason E (kr) wrote: I can't believe I'm saying this... I liked it. I am a guy who likes the Tinker Bell movie. For the most part. It does well to expand on what's a relatively minor detail in the Peter Pan mythology, turning it into an entire world unto itself. Fairies being born from babies' laughs and Tinker Bell fixing pots and pans are details that were ripped straight from the source material. The latter was expanded upon, turning Disney's fairy icon into a gadgeteer genius. What's also a nice detail is that the lead, who would normally have some kind of super special power, is instead essentially the muggle equivalent to fairy world, with her skills being relatively mundane when compared to her costars. I have one complaint, and it's a pretty big one: the story as a whole feels like an episode of a television series. There is so much padding in this movie, it's easy to forget that it is a movie. You could say "Well, what did you expect from DisneyToon Studios?" I don't expect much from DisneyToon Studios, but I do expect quite a bit from executive producer John Lasseter. Well, considering that the movie was rewritten after Lasseter took over, it's likely that this was just the best he could do with what was there. And for what it is, I'm glad I saw it. It's not perfect, but I enjoyed it, and I'm not ashamed to admit that.

Ray T (us) wrote: Perfectly encapsulates the feeling some people have when they reach middle age and yet don't feel like they've gotten a where, like they are foreigners to themselves and those they love. The midlife crisis, if you will. Liked this a lot.