Ardent Summer

Ardent Summer

Barbara is a sexy stripper, but she is dedicated to her husband. When a rich and above-the-law land-owner orders the murder of her husband to get her, she plans, and conducts, deadly revenge. She starts by intriguing between the rich man and his sons, who also had abused her, so that he has two of them killed, and then she sets out against the actual killers, shooting them herself, and leaving the old lecher and his older son to the last. The final confrontation has some surprises, though.

Barbara is a sexy stripper, but she is dedicated to her husband. When a rich and above-the-law land-owner orders the murder of her husband to get her, she plans, and conducts, deadly ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gil G (fr) wrote: It's Bring It On with good nudity.

Dena H (it) wrote: I saw "Tru Loved" at Outfest, and the audience LOVED it. If you're looking for dark and edgy angst, you will NOT find it here, and that's one of the reasons I'm a big fan of this movie. It manages to be light-hearted even when handling serious subjects, and funny, too (funny enough I missed some of the dialogue because of all the laughter). I've heard it described as "High School, but with a happy ending" and that seems apt. The cast ROCKS this movie, especially the lead, Najarra Townsend -- I expect to see a lot more of her. And what fun to see Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek's Lt. Uhura) on the big screen! This film isn't for those who are determined cynics, as they're unlikely to be open-hearted enough to let this movie speak to them, but for everyone else -- those who enjoy knowing there's still a little idealism possible in the world -- the intelligence and hope and humor will leave you smiling.

Curtis H (us) wrote: Lets put it this way, I strongly support the spirit in which it was made. This mock 80's horror movie is truly a terrible movie in all respects; especially the crappy home camcorder video quality. The gory, stupid glee with which it is made almost sort of, nearly justifies the end product. There are some funnyish lines that pop up on occasion.

Klark K (ru) wrote: This movie is based off the the Anime TV show. Which I love. This movie is basicly the 3rd season of the show - just compressed into a movie format. The Movie's art work I belive is cleaner and much easier to follow than the First two movies that do not go with the TV show. This movie is alittle hard to follow the closer to the end you get but that I belive is the writers going back to the roots and format of the first two movies.

David S (ca) wrote: The first Saw movie is very near and dear to me. It is a big time personal favorite and have been a fan through the entire franchise. In my opinion, the first Saw is a modern classic. A game changer of the horror genre that spawned off a bunch of sequels. Director James Wan struck gold.

Dane P (jp) wrote: A strange movie, really well made. With stylized camerawork and set design. This is a movie that's complete surrealism with a layer of social commentary. Oh and don't do drugs

Julia L (ru) wrote: for her, to know is happier or not to know is happier?to have had is happier?or never had it is better?

ers (au) wrote: yeni dalga, agnes varda filmi. otostop ekip sokaklarda ya?ayan genc bir k?z?n lmle sonlanan hikayesi.. bana biraz s?k?c? geldi..

Steve M (jp) wrote: The best film to ever come from Canada. Brilliant Coming of Age film that's heavy on mood and character.

Slothbear T (de) wrote: I love this one. Has one of the most oddball creatures ever I think.

Dougie F (es) wrote: Great start to the series, heart warming tale with fine performances by Bob Monkhouse and William Hartnell and a much different type of role for Kenneth Williams.

John Y (jp) wrote: Tarzan kind of jumps the shark with this one. But it's still Tarzan, so who cares.

Irvin C (es) wrote: Most film buffs know who Sergei Eisenstein is and how he's such an important figure in the history of world cinema. Less of them know who Alexander Dovzhenko is which is a pity because I think they deserve to be mentioned in the same breath more often. I've seen "Earth" but not for a long time. After seeing this today, I think it's due for a revisit. The copy I viewed didn't have English inter-titles nor did it have subtitles either but you almost don't need since you can basically get the gist of it. This one is about an uprising of workers and the Bolshevik army in one chapter of the Russian Civil War. The cinematography and the editing of this film simply breathtaking. I also have to say, Dovzhenko has more nuance than Eisenstein who, while technically brilliant, is way RAH-RAH-RAH! with his war pictures. Dovzhenko manages to allow a bit of humanity and grey areas seep in. Man, those faces are haunting!

Gabriel C (gb) wrote: Dazed and Confused is the definitive coming-of-age movie of the 20th century.

Noname (au) wrote: The boat that rocked is not your ordinary type of movies or atleast not for me but its a very solid one. The story follows a boat in the North Sea back in the 60's and onboard there is a cool illegal radio station. The whole movie follows these funny and different characters playing classic Pop / Rock music and they loves to tease the government. There is a brilliant cast like Philip Seymour Hoffman and Bill Nighy and they makes it worth seeing only for some nice performances as always. I enjoyed this movie altho its a slowpaced movie and its not great all the time but all in all its a comedy / drama you should watch especially if you like Rock'n'roll from the 60's.

Karishma B (au) wrote: Better casting was needed.