In revenge for her husband's infidelity, a young beautiful housewife, Mi-heun, starts an affair with an attractive young doctor, In-gyu. Despite her husband's efforts to regain her love and the disapproval by the conservative little town, Mi-huen gradually finds happiness and satisfaction in the affair and decides to turn her back on her quiet life.

In revenge for her husband's infidelity, a young beautiful housewife, Mi-heun, starts an affair with an attractive young doctor, In-gyu. Despite her husband's efforts to regain her love and... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Ardor torrent reviews

Rhia L (mx) wrote: My boyfriend and I were having a bad day at school, so we decided to go watch "The Disappointments Room" just to make ourselves feel better. The good news is we did, the bad news is we felt good for the wrong reasons.My boyfriend and I came to this movie expecting to get the living daylights scared right out of us. We left the theater eating a bag of nachos thinking of stupid nickname puns we could use to describe this movie. First of all, don't worry guys the movie lives up to its title, so if you've been wanting to be disappointed for a while now. This movie is for you and I wholeheartedly recommend you should watch it.This movie is filled with loose ends and so many horror cliches that I was actually beginning to wonder if something suspenseful was going to happen anytime soon. So many mysteries are left unsolved and the only one who's experiencing any of this is our main female lead who's mentally unstable. The movie has a bad habit of trying to build suspenseful moments at the wrong moments and the wrong times. The most scariest part of the movie for me was when she was locked into a dark room for 20 minutes only to be disappointed when I realized nothing was happening. The only thing my boyfriend felt scared about were the dusty windows, and that's only because he works as a window washer.The cinematography was so poorly done in this movie that I was wondering as to whether or not this was done by a group of high school students or a team of professionals. All in all, a poorly done movie that doesn't deserved to be labeled a horror, mystery, and suspense, but is more than deserving of its name. Do yourself a favor and don't spend your $15 on this movie.

Eric S (au) wrote: Fabulous as always!! A must have!!

Sally A (kr) wrote: I like a monster mash film, Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, Sea Beast, Piranhaconda, Sharknado - the sillier the better! This however is just boring, there is very little seen of the creature and way too much time spent with the very, very poor actors. Another reviewer suggested they blew the whole budget on the island setting and I think that's about right. Don't bother, it's not so bad it's good, it's just really bad.

Michael S (ag) wrote: Much better and different from what I was expecting it to be like. Le Week-End subverts it's genre protocols by using a sweet, witty and insightful scrip that never devolves into cheap melo drama or over sentimentality. Not to mention the two leads had such a wonderfully natural chemistry and the score/soundtrack was pitch perfect. Definitely recommend this one for people looking for something a little simpler and easy to enjoy.

Nadia T (us) wrote: These guys are insane!! I couldn't believe somebody would actually ride such waves. Whether you're into surfing or not, you should see this!

Sergio E (ru) wrote: My god these movies they really are everything but boring they're lot's of fun and have cars cops and robbers and taxi's too and tricked out it's just great plus a rally cameo from the Subaru team!! priceless!! it just doesn't get better than this!! A gang of thieves calling themselves the Santa Claus Gang are wreaking havoc, and the police can't keep up. Police Captain Gilbert is distracted by a Chinese reporter writing a story on his squad, detective Emilien's wife has just announced that she's pregnant, and taxi driver Daniel is in the midst of a relationship crisis. After a string of mistakes in which the thieves outsmart the police time and time again with a reporter there to record it all, Daniel and his super-taxi pitch in. Chinese bankrobbers plan to rob the biggest bank in Marseille.

D Yvonne S (br) wrote: This charming film runs true to the clever and fun writing associated with Wallace & Gromit, along with the talented execution of claymation at its best. So fun and enjoyable at any age, especially if you're "on a Holiday."

Bill M (gb) wrote: Just watched the second half on BBC. Still mind blowing what went on.

Scott W (de) wrote: Excellent, taut, Lewton-esque thriller with a twisting plot that will keep you guessing, despite an unoriginal concept. Strasberg is very good and Christopher Lee delivers an understated performance with a decidedly dodgy accent. One of Hammer's lesser known classics.

Rangan R (ag) wrote: Some arrogant men too have a soft touch inside their heart.It was a decent romantic-comedy with a good cast. But is an old people romance theme and if you like this director's films, then you would enjoy it as well. A simple tale, and some of the contents looks unreal because of intense story development. An elderly man who is in the real estate business tries to sell his house after his wife's death. Now lives in a small apartment surrounded by the annoying neighbours, but one day his drug addict son brings his daughter to leave with him since he's going to prison. Without an alternate he accepts it and in the meantime, the film narrates their bond as well as his romance with a next door woman.This film was rated so badly, but I quite enjoyed it. I know it is not an awesome film, yet I felt it a bit touching and at a time funny. Michael Douglas was very good and so the Diane Keaton with the supporting actors' fine contributions. It was at its best, there was nothing to improve, because if it does the fun part would vanish. So it is as what it is, only we have to jump in and have some good time knowing the film's limit. Maybe the family audience finds it quite comfortable. Looking at the theme and the narration that's how it should be. So a big yes for them, but it has some sexual references and I'm just reminding that if you want to watch it with your children.6.5/10

Jonathan G (es) wrote: Looking for a throwback to skateboarding at it's prime in popularity, this is for you. Complete in Hollywood form with cheesy romance music, but also a live performance by Red Hot Chilli Peppers (25 years ago). Cameos from skatings best: Christian Hosoi, Tony Hawk, Tony Alva, Steve Cabellero, Mike McGill and more. Josh Brolin (straight from The Goonies) is the skateboarding star from the valley who battles it out with the Dagger punks in one of the dumbest showdowns in movie history. Skate or Die!!!