Are We Alone in the Universe?

Are We Alone in the Universe?

Presents evidence that visitors from other galaxies shared their advanced knowledge with ancient man.

Presents evidence that visitors from other galaxies shared their advanced knowledge with ancient man. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim M (mx) wrote: The Worst Film I Have Ever Seen This film was unequivocally the worst film I have ever seen. I have never written a review on Rotten Tomatoes, but felt obligated to do so with this title. It is beyond bad; it is the definition of amateurism, which is unfortunate as I am interested in this particular aspect of the Normandy invasion and was hoping to learn more about it, or at least be mildly entertained. Now, I am all for independent films, and understand that when directors/actors/ etc are just starting out they make numerous sub-par/crap films. Normally I would say live and let live, but because of the importance of the subject matter, the rookie excuse can't be used here. The film is not only aesthetically and technically awful, it is riddled with many inaccuracies as to the soldier's behavior and actions. I watched this with a family member who is a military historian who has published three books on WW2, and he found the historical oversights in this movie laughable. MAIN FAILING POINTS: Atrocious cinematography. Nearly every scene was a close up/extreme close up. Very few shots of the background/location. Horrible acting. When the acting makes you hate the protagonists, that's not a good thing. Muddled, confusing storyline. At no point was it entirely clear where the story was heading or who any of the characters were or what they're purpose was. Lighting/sound design was technically unacceptable. I could list many more faults, but don't care to. In summary, I know this film was made on a very low budget, but I find it objectionable that someone has made a movie this bad about a subject this important. It's basically a botched attempt to copy Band of Brothers. The filmmakers should put aside personal, career building ambition and instead respect the individuals who participated in the Pathfinder unit until they are adept enough to produce a halfway decent film on the subject. To do otherwise is to dishonor the memories and service of those in involved in this historic event.

James R (ag) wrote: I have always liked this concept but films like these are rarely done well. I thought this one was. I hardly see this as torture porn like some of the directors other work, which I have not liked. This one at least had thought in its ideas and displayed some humanity.

Bridger B (fr) wrote: Little Nicky is one of Adam Sandler's worst movies if not his worst. Such a stupid movie.

Scott R (nl) wrote: Four beautiful women and the comedy of Dan Ackroyd. What isn't to like? Unfortunately quite a bit... Falls far short.

Raphael G (it) wrote: It deserves 3,5, but for some reason it couldn't keep my attention so much. I usually like movies like this, but maybe this one just wasn't my type... but it's well made and well acted !

Stephanie K (it) wrote: pretty good i guess.

Stella D (ru) wrote: damn i fell asleep halfway through :( beautiful looking film and i hope to see the rest!

Jack W (ag) wrote: It contains brutal and shocking imagery that will be too much for some, but overall Harry Brown is an satisfying, gripping and thrilling vigilante movie with a very great performance from Michael Caine.

James H (it) wrote: I liked the fact that the film was dofferent, it has an unusual plot. It does have a low budget look, but the performances aren't bad and it is an appropriate 86 minute length.

Alora K (es) wrote: this movie looks good I really wanna watch it.