Area 407

Area 407

Survivors of an airplane crash find themselves within the borders of a government testing area and pursued by predators.

Survivors of an airplane crash find themselves within the borders of a government testing area and pursued by predators. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sgt C (ag) wrote: (75%)Any attempt at linking their movie with one of the all time greatest cinematic productions ever is without doubt a bold move, and this gets away with it. Jee-woon is shaping up to be my favourite Asian director working today as this is one of the most fun movies I've ever seen. There's tons of action, it's' funny, very well shot/made with some clever ideas that doesn't just cut and paste from the Leone classic. Parts of the film do feel like a video game, but in this case it's a compliment as the movie has almost an unlimited supply of energy and a great sense of fun. A zany must-watch.

Matt W (nl) wrote: Oh i wonder, Worth a look maybe.

Meredith W (ru) wrote: not the best Australian film around but was ok, kind of intriguing.

Zachary M (ag) wrote: A perfect example of a slow burn movie, but that may not be the best thing to be. The film gets going only after about an hour into the film. From things do start to pick up, but by then it's too little too late.

TTT C (jp) wrote: (*** 1/2): Thumbs Up A complex and intricate horror/mystery film.

Demet I (es) wrote: Very touching story, showing that deceit does not always come from bad intentions. Every character is so real, even including Zhao's "wen nuan" girlfriend and her son. There were moments that made me laugh, and moments that brought tears to my eyes, so I say this movie is definitely worth watching.

Sirrenna J (gb) wrote: I want to watch this movie can someone help me

Hans M (mx) wrote: MST3K version. Spoilers follow, as if you care. This film is just bizarre. The monster is Lovecraftian in its strangness (where do those bat things come from?), and with an actual budget for effects it might have been terrifying, but as it is it is just goofy. Lee Van Cleef is as wooden as a sequoia tree as an insane scientist; it just seems weird to see him outside of a spaghetti western. Beverly Garland can actually act, its too bad she is given such horrible dialogue. Peter Graves is just Peter Graves; he murders his mind-controlled wife with all the emotional range of a sea cucumber. The MST3K version, however, is absolutely hilarious, not only because of the humour during in the movie, but because it is preceded by a short film called "Snow Thrills" where the riffing had my sides hurting with laughter.

Pratyay K (ag) wrote: The song of the little road. Pather Panchali, is an enthralling take on life; unveiling human emotions, hardships, experiences, happiness, social stature, triumph, loneliness, love, loss beautifully. Satyajit Ray makes use of his vision, poetry, insight & sensitivity to grant life to cinema. Depicting such fundamental human emotions makes it a timeless, universal classic. Music by Ravi shankar plays perfectly, such as one's heart would burst out-crying out loud. As well as, it turns a little fruity at times revealing the intentions of the scene. Ray captures nature, bewitchingly subtely inserting meaning in-phrased visually. A story about poverty and hardships, disclosed in a fashion of discovering happiness in little things, but ultimately poverty having it's last cry.

Tengku Z (gb) wrote: Brilliant movie. Not sure what's with the bad rating but certainly one of the most satisfying one.

Tyler S (br) wrote: ummm good story nice graphics. kept me interested. thata all

Greg P (us) wrote: Havnt seen it, but with a name like this, it must be horrible.

James M (nl) wrote: An average horror movie which isn't particularly memorable.