Area 88: The Blue Skies of Betrayal

Area 88: The Blue Skies of Betrayal

A pilot must try to survive with his humanity when he is shanghaied into a mercenary jet fighter force.

A pilot must try to survive with his humanity when he is shanghaied into a mercenary jet fighter force. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Christopher K (de) wrote: A truly stunning documentary. I enjoyed every last minute of it. Tom is a fantastic character as are his equally challenged siblings. I look forward to seeing more from director James Moore.

Silke B (jp) wrote: Chiko (Denis Moschitto) is unemployed, but he wants to be rich. He wants to get out of his Ghetto-life and he wants a bright and shiny future in front of him. His best friend Tibet (Volkan zcan) leads a life just as hopeless, as Chiko. He needs money, because he wants to buy a kidney on the blackmarket. To safe his mother's life. Chiko is smart and cheeky and he manages to impress Brownie (Moritz Bleibtreu), one of Hamburg's most dangerous drug dealers. Chiko gets the chance to show his skills and he is good in selling drugs...until Tibet fucks everything up. He wants the money for his mother at once. Brownie has his revenge on him. And Chiko, as Tibet's best friend, wants to have his revenge on Brownie...but he agrees on a new deal with Brownie instead, behind Tibet's back.While Chiko is successful, happily in love with Meryem (Reyhan Sahin, a.k.a. Lady Bitch Ray), appreciated by Brownie, and living the life he always wanted; Tibet is down on his luck. Jealousy and despair lead to an evil end of the friendship.If you like the genre, you will sit right with this movie. I was a bit disappointed. The male turkish world is hard for me to understand.

Thomas B (br) wrote: ***It's a throwaway action movie: fun to watch, but never to be watched again. It's still better than Spectre though.

Charl H (us) wrote: Obviously inspired by David Cronenberg. An acceptable afternoon of sci fi.

Elaine M (kr) wrote: Ridiculously plotted mindless action thriller starring the likeable Mark Dacascos as Toby Wong, on the run and accompanied by a random man named Malik who he picks up at the beginning of the movie (and by the end you've sort of forgotten how because all subsequent events seem to strive to out-stupid each other). The martial arts are fantastically exaggerated, there are a few funny moments (and if not, it's pretty easy to take the piss out of), and Brittany Murphy's somewhat too short screentime is precious, but it's not a good film or anything...

Richard D (kr) wrote: Paul Thomas Anderson's feature debut is a solid film anchored by a pair of superb performances from Philip Baker Hall and John C. Reilly. It's recognizably his work, while not really demonstrating the amazing self-assuredness of "Boogie Nights". Although the interference of the film's producers may have a lot to do with it, this one feels just a bit more awkwardly put together than his subsequent work. Anderson regulars Robert Ridgely, Melora Walters and Philip Seymour Hoffman all show up in small supporting roles.

Sean H (br) wrote: Decent copper. John and a machine gun is worth it.

Thomas R (ag) wrote: Isnt this every mans fantasy ? LoL

Pavan R (jp) wrote: Good suspense and beautifully enacted. The direction being the key in such a movie, excels. Loved the 2 lead actors, classic acting.

Desiree V (us) wrote: Right...this look's really pathetic.

Alejandro R (ag) wrote: A really intelligent action thriller. Great cast with solid performances all around and very good direction from Spike Lee.

Petros T (br) wrote: Among the weakest Tim Burton films, the cheesy "Mars Attacks!" is a middling sci-fi comedy boasting an impressive cast and wacky visuals but one that never becomes truly thrilling.