Argentina Beat

Argentina Beat


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:104 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Argentina Beat 2006 full movies, Argentina Beat torrents movie

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Argentina Beat torrent reviews

Logan M (nl) wrote: A slice-of-life dramedy with a genuine soul, "20th Century Women" is rich, tender, and fulfilling on every emotional level.

Manuel R (nl) wrote: Tiene un tema pol (C)mico y un ritmo extrao. Parece estar hecha para meterle cortes comerciales donde puedes ir a hacer cualquier otra cosa y no perders el hilo de la historia.Si no la has visto, no te pierdes de nada nuevo.

Minya A (es) wrote: I can't even rate this film, is how terrible it was. I turned it off after the scenes with Val Kilmer in it. Also, for some reason I didn't have subtitles, which was a pain in the ass as some of the film was in Russian. Don't bother with this one. Trust me. It's not even worth it for the blip-on-the-radar that was Kilmer's appearance.

Alexander C (es) wrote: For now not to bothered for this...uninterested...

Sunith S (ca) wrote: Funny, creative and cute..

Scott S (us) wrote: This movie made me happy, sad, and angry. All at the same time.

Russ B (nl) wrote: 9/24/2012: Just an ok action flick.

Shaun B (mx) wrote: Another one of those films I used to love that is totally cheesy by my current standards.

Andy F (jp) wrote: A terrific slasher that's obviously inspired by Friday the 13th and Halloween but is all of its own, predominantly due to its setting. This film is made and set in Canada so isn't churned out of the holiday machine. It captures the fun of 80s horror cinema without ever being too annoying.

Jonathan G (fr) wrote: One of my second favourite movies of all time great soundtrack great location fun funny great look at 60s just a good road trip style movie great memorable dialogue overall it's just a Great movie one movie that I will never get tireder of experiencing

Kevin J (jp) wrote: A stupid and incredibly sexist film, Barbarella is one huge plothole. The film is so horrifically written that it should be used as an example of how to not write a script. In that regard, it is perfect. Jane Fonda runs around in nothing and acts like a scared girl throughout and has to be constantly saved by men and is punished for having sex. If you enjoy sexism, Barbarella is a goldmine. All of this being said, Barbarella is an enjoyably bad movie and one I cannot recommend enough. By any measure, it is horrifically bad, except for entertainment. So much unintentional hilarity it truly almost hurt to laugh by the end.

Irma A (ca) wrote: i am sixteen years too late in watching this but better late than never. Never got boring and it was creepy watching heath ledger as a chocolate boy. predictable but witty.

Manda C (gb) wrote: Fun but dated film about four friends finding their own way in the world without much parental guidance.

Vic L (us) wrote: I thought this was a great movie.

Diane H (br) wrote: Jack Black and Michael Cera are a pair of amiable losers traveling through the earliest chapters of the Bible, yet speaking in modern lingo about modern concepts. I thought this movie was laugh-out-loud hilarious!