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Argentina latente

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Rajni G (us) wrote: Bestest movie of 2003 wid gr8 music....... jst love the music......

Pan L (it) wrote: Dead Meat recalls early achievements of such aces as Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi. Smartly shot with the cheapest special effects there are. Rubbish for profane but juice for insider.

Matt M (jp) wrote: A rather weak and conservative comedy, not at all what would be expected from a king of bad taste like John Waters. Pecker is rather weak and slow paced and more than a little lacking on the creative side.

Andrey B (au) wrote: A somewhat hard to understand depiction of the life of Charlie Parker, but everything else is outstanding: the acting, cinematography, the dark settings of New York, the jazz music etc.

Tsubaki S (gb) wrote: One of the signature movies of Hong Kong cinema from the 80s, Ringo Lam's precise direction hooks you from the very beginning. Good pacing and a great cast. There are no impossible escapes here, this is a story of loyalty and brotherhood. Essential view.

Ceary B (ag) wrote: There is a lack of pace at times in this movie. That said, Grant delivers some of his best lines ever!

Jamaal S (ag) wrote: Great movie, didn't get enough recognition. But we know why...

Millo T (fr) wrote: Good ideas about the relationship among human and gods... About the rest, not much interesting.

Mohammed A (gb) wrote: It's good movie to watch

Bryan W (fr) wrote: ha! i've seen this! i don't know why.