Arias with a Twist

Arias with a Twist

Focuses on the collaboration between cabaret and drag artist Joey Arias and master puppeteer Basil Twist, whose 2008 show brought them some of the biggest success of their careers.

Focuses on the collaboration between cabaret and drag artist Joey Arias and master puppeteer Basil Twist, whose 2008 show brought them some of the biggest success of their careers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sarah T (au) wrote: To put in one word. Totally awesome!!!

Laimis Z (ru) wrote: aaa. it hurt my eyes. lots of 'bla' and not enough dancing. very predictable. totaly not interesting. kind of stupid actualy. and she's not even that good! a waste of time.

Rakeem M (mx) wrote: A very good character study with a strong central performance from Famke Janssen. I may have given it a full four stars had it not been for that miscalculated last scene.

Shawn S (it) wrote: Loved the movie have seen it many times. I do believe they could have said more about Dian Fosseys life before she meets Louis Leaky. The movie leaves the audience a little bit frustated in wanting to know more; however, over all an absoulutely inspirational film.

De D (gb) wrote: Bon film mais vieilli mal avec les annes.

Liam C (mx) wrote: This film may look like it is just a lot of fun, and it is, but there is also a very dark undertone to it all and the longer the film goes on, the more it corrupts. 'Cabaret' is a mesmerising film that is truly an experience. The way this film starts is very smart and it very easily draws you into its world, the songs are all memorable and are excellently choreographed, but of course they are as this is Bob Fosse we're talking about, they also come fully alive and jump out of the screen. The film is funny but in a rather cynical sense, and the characters are well written and smartly developed, the acting is also fantastic. Joel Grey might seem like he isn't in it enough but he makes his presence known and really stands out; and once more, the male actor from a stage production is in the film adaptation and wins an Oscar with the female lead not even being in the film adaptation but at least this time the female lead won as well! I felt like she wasn't in the film enough and that she didn't really have enough musical numbers but in those numbers she, like Grey, make their presence known. And, hey, Maggie Smith won the previous time Minnelli was nominated and now it's the opposite, funny how it all works out like that. I never have any expectations when I watch a film but when I saw promotional images of the film I did think it was going to be a balls to the wall, rush of a film where you feel, the good kind of, exhausted by the end of it, the kind of feeling found in 'Moulin Rouge!'. I thought it'd stick two fingers up at the establishment or 'the man' as it were, but, in its own subtle way, it kind of does, given the smart themes it tackles. Also, when I first read the synopsis I thought this would be a club that was oppresses by the Nazi's and they would have to secretly work their way of it behind the scenes. I am a little surprised in the direction this film went though, if someone were to show me a screenshot of an hour into this film I'd be surprised at where our characters end up. I understand the point of those scenes as it reveals some key details, even if it looked like poor Brian was a third wheel from just what we are shown, it just ultimately felt like those scenes could have executed another way as it seems like they're pointless after they are over and how that character exits. The side characters were a nice addition and help compliment the theme as well but I just didn't feel like it was all that necessary either, considering how fast that story wraps up. The film ends the way it began and it leaves us rather suddenly on an ominous and sad note. It goes quiet all of a sudden and it's very effective, I found myself just watching the silent credits and taking in what just happened and how truly depressing it is to know what will happen next. I was thinking the ending was going to be rather sudden with everyone getting killed or something, but the smart and subtle way this carries its story and perfect ending, it does it fantastically. This might sound negative but that's honestly because I loved everything else and simply can't say anything more than that, this is a groundbreaking, hugely influential and dark film. It's funny how this and 'The Godfather', two films seemingly on totally opposite ends of the spectrum, went up against one another at the 45th Academy Awards. I remember reading a review of this film saying that 'The Godfather' had already won Best Picture, as well as its other two wins, before it was even made, and while I love that film and the next two parts, from the outside looking it, it does look kind of strange for this to win as much as it did and not the highest honour as well as its Writing nomination, it's still a rarity now. Still, 1972/3 were good years for Fosse as he had won quite a number of awards all across the board. Bob Fosse knew exactly what to do and he has made an excellent film, he probably isn't appreciated as much as he should be, but everyone knows his works even if they don't know his name. Like the rest of Fosse's work, this film is indeed hugely influential as the musicals of 2001/2 that helped revitalise the genre feel hugely inspired by this; even if by that point, some of the unique things about this had become clichs at that point, but still this is a classic for a good reason.

Russell S (de) wrote: More iconic than it is a true classic...yet it holds your attention, even if by the end you're not entirely sure why. It really boils down to great direction, a great star and a memorable car chase. The story is fine but not particularly exceptional. It's a good movie.

Sarah G (de) wrote: Although in some places it's a bit slow, as a whole I found "Operation Petticoat" rather humorous and charming. In the beginning, the only thing that entertained me about it was seeing Cary Grant in uniform as Capt. Sherman [gotta love a man in uniform;^]. Then entered Lieut. Holden [played by Tony Curtis], a man who's a bit of a playboy and doesn't really take his position as a Navy Officer seriously. His many antics as the supply officer of Sherman's sub keep things fairly lively 10,000 leagues under the sea. It's not until the five nurses come aboard the sub though that the games really begin. It's like a hilarious estrogen fest aboard a place that's usually so "testoroney" as my friend Rebecca would say. It's amazing how five women can effect so many men under such tight quarters. Probably one of my favorite parts was when Holden stole a pig from a farmer on an island and snuck it aboard the sub; he did so by dressing the pig up in a navy shirt and hat, telling the security officer he was a drunk sick soldier which would account for the The ending is very charming in that two of the nurses end up marrying Grant & Curtis's characters [don't blame them...who could possibly pass up marrying Grant; I know I couldn't]. War films are typically rather dull for me, which is why the fact that WWII is not the main focus of the film works for me [though for war buffs it might annoy]. In short, it's not Cary Grant at his best, but as it's Grant, it's still good.

Mark S (jp) wrote: It's quite sad to see that this has only a 19% want to see it rating on here, and absolutely no Flixster user ratings or reviews. As the first person to leave a review, I'd like to say that the film is only 'sentimental' in the truly positive sense, Miracle in the Rain being truly romantic and heart-felt. The performances are judged just right, with Van Johnson being genuinely likeable and Jane Wyman being very sweet. It's a pre-cursor to tear-jerkers such as Sleepless in Seattle and deserves not to be completely forgotten.

Jason C (br) wrote: Great film about redemption and man's ability to change.

Pavels V (mx) wrote: I want to love the film, but it's just too hard work to ignore loop holes in the story and occasional nonsense. Visually appealing, but...

Hani20 H (fr) wrote: One of my favourit movies in 2016