The story follows Arion, a young man kidnapped by Hades as a child and raised to believe that his mother was blinded by Zeus and that killing the ruler of Mount Olympus will cure her.

Arion begins with his journey to discover a world of poverty and horror where ordinary people are barely surviving through the war. He falls in love with a blind slave girl who is then ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Arion torrent reviews

Ftaco E (nl) wrote: This movie has been misjudged the final battle is great like 15 minutes of action you can't say no to that


Tuco (nl) wrote: Handmade, stop-motion, dialogue-free, fairy tale. If you're already a fan of Jan Svankmajer and the Brothers Quay, this should feed your niche.

Tim S (fr) wrote: Nine years after "Before Sunrise" we meet up again with Celine and Jesse after a chance meeting between them in Paris - an hour before Jesse is due to fly home to America. A lot has happened to both characters in 9 years but it doesn't take long for them to rediscover the connection they had so long ago. Shot in 'real time' so that for every minute you are watching, one minute also passes for them. This long-awaited sequel doesn't suck.

Brendan N (us) wrote: Should of been better

stefano l (jp) wrote: so stupid so predictable and absolutely not even funny or enjoyable

stefano l (br) wrote: I don't know why, but I always end up watching movies with the same actors/actresses in some periods of my life. Just casually, it's not my intention. Well...probably this period has to be Kirsten Dunst's one. Not too bad actually. This comedy is so stupid, although the part with the musical tries to raise the level of it, but when there is Kirsten Dunst in a movie, she always manages to make the vision of this film more joyful.

Nick R (us) wrote: Good movie with the next generation cast.

Ross L (fr) wrote: Joe mother f-ing Morton fixing video arcade games with his magic hand.2010 movies: 28

Brad K (de) wrote: Great family movie. Fred MacMurray (The Caine Mutiny, The Apartment) is wonderful in this role as scout leader. Kurt Russell plays the troubled youth who finds direction through his scoutmaster.Again, I saw this at school near the end of the semester - probably before summer vacation so the rating is based on my childhood memory.

Sharyn H (ru) wrote: Interesting movie about the Manson Family. Davies was phenomenally good as Manson; so much so, that I frequently wanted to slap him silly - here's an actor who's fully in touch with the concept of minute detail and the tiniest of nuances! It's not hard to see how such a charismatic character could draw others to himself, and eventually make them perform such horrendous acts as the real Manson did.

K Lynn B (jp) wrote: Ooh so bad.. But funny. Be cautious!

Maurcio V (kr) wrote: Repleto de falhas e situaes histericamente constrangedoras, alm de um certo desperdcio de elenco onde nem a prpria Meryl Streep escapa dos excessos, "Mamma Mia!" acaba se sustentando no seu repertrio musical popular e em raras cenas ridculas que funcionam. um filme errado com bons momentos.

Darlene M (us) wrote: I saw zero improvement in this 10-years later reboot - in fact I was longing for Toby's dorkiness when he looks in the mirror and realizes he's ripped and no longer needs glasses, plus that upside-down kiss.