Arisha, der Bär und der steinerne Ring

Arisha, der Bär und der steinerne Ring


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:31 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:German,English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:santa claus,  

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Arisha, der Bär und der steinerne Ring torrent reviews

Keyla H (fr) wrote: Hace mucho no vea una movie q me encantara como esta.

Amber K (mx) wrote: These Final Hours is a superb look into the reality of the end of the world. The film is well shot, well acted and well written. My only complaint would be concerning the short run time. The quickened pacing makes the audience feel the urgency of the plot but the film could have greatly benefited from slowing down once or twice just so the audience could truly immerse into the world.

Anthony M (gb) wrote: Better than Seed and bride.

Shobhit G (ca) wrote: no words.... awesome movie

Jireh A (gb) wrote: The movie itself is magnificent. However, the musical score is so powerful and riveting it touches your soul while watching this undeniably best movie regarding MLK.

TR J (it) wrote: A stupefyingly dreary film with leaden acting and unrelieved depression. The only thing to recommend it is the score by Thomas Newman, especially the powerful but minimalist theme. You might say Kate Winslet is effective, and there's some truth to that, but her character takes such a horrifying (and forced) path to destruction that it's hard to judge her acting with such a manipulative screenplay involved. DiCaprio is quite awful in the role of an exceedingly awful character, which is to say his performance is a drag.

JonTyler S (gb) wrote: A clever dark comedy.

Henry H (nl) wrote: I plan to see with my Gloria^^ but i couldnt; by refusal

Alessandro L (gb) wrote: I love Todd Solondz.. This is the third movie i've seen from this director after Happiness and Storytelling,.

Mark F (fr) wrote: Another great Leslie Nielsen film!

Jared V (de) wrote: This show kicked ass and so does this DVD

Quecuatl K (br) wrote: Kudos for getting Art Bergmann in a movie, but I dunno it could have gone further and wackier. If you're going to intentionally make a rock n roll cult movie forget your canadian sense of reserve and go nuts.

Linda M (nl) wrote: Jason Robards is great

Matthew G (jp) wrote: "That kid is back, on the escalator!" Man, I love this film oh so much. So quotable even after over 2 decades old! Not a lot of comedic gems out there like this one, Smiths writing is always top notch, witty & raunchy. Arguably Jason Lee's best performance, his character is catchy to any guy pretty much. Love it!

David S (nl) wrote: A steaming pile of dog shit. I wouldn't be upset if I never see another Katie Holmes movie. Was cool it was shot in Cleveland though.

Mark D (jp) wrote: Was a good 80s movie. It doesn't wow me like other films but I likes the story line to it.