Mr. Malwankar lives a small tenement in Grant Road, Bombay, with his son, Arjun, daughter, Sudha, and wife, Rukmini, who is his second wife, as his first wife passed away. Although he is well past his retirement age, he continues to work for an abusive employer, Ashok. Arjun's attempts at seeking employment are all in vain. One day when hoodlums are beating up a man, he intervenes, beats the hoodlums up with the help of half of his friends. This is when his life changes forever. One of his friends', Mohan, is killed; Arjun finds out who the killers are, and kills them in broad daylight; he is arrested, and subsequently released, only to be told by his father that he is no longer welcome. A politician, Shiv Kumar Chougule, takes a liking to Arjun and employs him, and gives him all the support and assistance he needs to fight hoodlums. Arjun now finds he has a mission in life, and is quite content

After completing his education; all Arjun Malvankar attempts in finding a job prove fertile he also have a stressful family life to deal with. The corruptions and injustice taking place in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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